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    Hot Tub Accessories Gifts Guide

    When birthdays and other holidays arise, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to gift other people! Well, we have the perfect gift idea for your friends and family that own hot tubs… hot tub accessories! (Or you can buy it for yourself, let's be real, you deserve nice things too!) We have compiled a list of the best hot...

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    Best Hot Tub Accessories

    Here are Master Spa Parts, we have a lot of hot tub accessories to enhance your overall spa experience. But instead of having you sift through all of them, we’ve compiled a list of the must-have hot tub accessories that you should probably buy immediately (but seriously, they’re amazing!) Checkout the different accessories you can get that will keep you...

  3. hot tub being wheeled on a dolly

    How To Transport A Hot Tub

    Owning a hot tub is a wonderful way to add some relaxing entertainment to your property. However, the thought of having to lift and transport a hot tub to a new location may feel like a difficult task- especially because it’s a large investment that is worth maintaining and preserving. Whether it’s because you’ve purchased a new home or the...

  4. H2X-Filter

    How to Clean Hot Tub Filters

    Hot Tub Filters Have Important Jobs A hot tub for personal use can be a fun and relaxing activity. While owning a hot tub is highly enjoyable, it also requires the proper maintenance to make sure it continues to run smoothly. Regular cleanings to certain parts of your hot tub is the key to ensuring your home oasis stays in...

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    How to Clean Your Spa Jets

    Learning how to clean your hot tub jets has never been easier! Spas and hot tubs require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure proper operation and a lengthy useful life. Cleaning spa jets can be quite a daunting task but it is important to it so that it can be used regularly. Although most spa parts are cleaned regularly, spa...

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    Simple Answers to Spa Pump Problems

    Purchasing a hot tub or spa? There might be a number of questions popping-up time to time in your head, when the time to purchase your prized possession is nearing. Out of these, some questions or doubts could be about a hot tub or spa pump. For those who are not familiar or have not yet come across the term ‘spa pumps’, these are important spa or hot tub parts responsible for proper circulation of the water in the vessel. Spa pumps also give an extra boost to the spa jets. Continue reading →

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    Hot Tub Leak Repair

    When you have a leak in your hot tub, you may experience some real pain especially if you don’t understand what exactly to look for and where to find it. Below are simple steps which will help you find the exact source of the leakage and how you can proceed on with the hot tub leak repair tasks without a...

  8. normal-foaming

    How to Handle Milky Spa Water

    It pretty much goes without saying that being a hot tub owner you will encounter cloudy, milky, or foamy spa water sooner or later during the period you own a spa. Well! These are no grave issues and can be handled by using certain simple methods and a little attention. In this blog, let us discuss in detail what milky spa water is, how it is caused and what you should do to put right such problems to make your spa water dazzling clean once again. Continue reading →

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    Using Your Spa During the Summer Months

    Many people shut their spas down during the summer months. However, your hot tub can be used year-round! Here are a few suggestions to help you get the best use of your spa in any season. Change the temperature! During the winter months, most people keep their hot tub water temperature between 98 and 104 degrees. However, spas typically have...

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