Twilight Series Eco Pur Filters

Maintenance Spotlight: Twilight Spas Eco Pur Filter Replacement Problems & How to Fix Them

Did you receive a new Eco Pur Filter for your Twilight Series Spa, but it doesn’t quite look like your old filter? Are you wondering why the new Eco Pur Filter has threads on the bottom, but the filter you’re replacing only has an opening? We’ve received a number of calls from customers just like you who are faced with …
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Smart Top Covers

8 Reasons to Buy Smart Top Covers for Your Master Spas

Smart Top Covers If you’re like most spa owners, you love your Master Spa hot tub…but hate that old vinyl cover that sits on top of it! Traditional vinyl covers get waterlogged and heavy, faded and torn, and before long they’ve lost their insulating capabilities—and it’s time to replace them yet again. If you’re tired of all the hassles that …
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Ten Spa Accessories That Made It to The Top In 2014

Spa accessories are something to die for. They look pretty, are very useful and come in an awe inspiring range. A dynamic market keeps innovation on its toes. Owing to the demand for ‘new’ and ‘improved’, the market players keep providing fresh designs and concepts to the market. Here are ten spa accessories that occupied the top 10 spots in …
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Hot tub Care Guide: Maintaining the Goodness of a Hot Tub

Prepared by Master Spas, this infographic is an informative social media tool, which comes handy for all hot tub owners. Spa maintenance is not just a matter of choice. It is essential for the health and the well-being of your hot tub as well as your own body. The infographic, in pictures and facts, describes the process as well as …
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Post Calamity Fixes for Your Hot Tub or Spa

Natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and storms cause a lot of damage. They can strike anywhere, anytime. They come without warning and are absolutely unstoppable. There are of course interventions that can prevent damage if they are predicted in time. All said and done, millions of people, in fact entire regions are doomed if a disastrous natural calamity strikes. …
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How to Make Your Spa Experience More Enjoyable?

 Think about a hot tub or a spa at any point of the day and you will instantly feel like soaking-in the goodness of one. Therapy is one thing and having a good time is another. Hot tubs bring together the best of both. Related posts:Solution to Hot Tub AllergiesWatch Out! Save Your Hot tub from Chemical DamageWinter Preparations for …
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Choosing the Right Spa Cover: Things to Keep in Mind

Hot tubs are the perfect health companions to add to your home. The most important accessory for your hot tub is the cover. Covers promote the benefits of hot tub or spa  by insulating it and protecting it from dirt, pollen, and other foreign objects that may land in the water if the spa was left open.  Because of the …
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Hot Tub Leak Repair

When you have a leak in your hot tub, you may experience some real pain especially if you don’t understand what exactly to look for and where to find it. Below are simple steps which will help you find the exact source of the leakage and how you can proceed on with the repair tasks without a lot hassle. Before …
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Answers to a Few Commonly Asked Questions about Hot Tubs/ Spas

Many people wonder if there is any difference between a spa and a hot tub. These are terms that are always used interchangeably. Starting 1960s hot water tubs that were wooden made became pretty popular and was only being referred to as hot tubs. These units didn’t have all the fantastic features that are available in master spa hot tubs …
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5 Highly Effective Hot Tub Energy Conservation Tips

There is a common characteristic in all master spa hot tubs-they heat water up to a certain temperature and maintain it at that level using a flow through the heater. The hot tub heater is what consumes most huge electricity than other components of the tub and can be compared to kettle on matters relating to electricity consumption. It’s thus …
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