How does a hot tub diverter valve work?

First of all, you may be asking... what IS a diverter valve on my hot tub? Well, a valve in general controls the flow and direction of your hot tub water. Diverter valves are used to redirect the water from your hot tub and send it in different directions. These diverter valves can either redirect the flow of hot tub water or air flow within your hot tub.

How do you replace and fix a hot tub diverter valve?

Here are step by step directions when replacing your hot tub diverter valve:

  1. Take the cap off of your hot tub diverter
  2. Use a screw and screwdriver to screw down into the rotor assembly. You should then be able to pull out the rotor. At that point you will see that it is most likely broken in some capacity - and needs to be replaced.

If you notice that your Diverter Cap is damaged, thats because the treads tend to break off on older models. They have since been replaced with a heavier duty plastic cap that you can replace it with.

Simply remove the handle, replace the cap, and you're all set to go!

Check out our video tutorial on how to fix a hot tub diverter valve here:

How do you measure a diverter valve?

When replacing your diverter valve, you need to choose the correct size. Usually, the size of the valve is located on the piece itself- making it easy to find it's replacement. If you are unable to find that measurement, you can measure the diverter valve diameter yourself.

The assembly that makes up the diverter valve will be what you measure to determine what size you need. Most, with a measuring tape, will measure just a smidge over what the actual size you need to order is.

For example, if you measure one of the assembly pieces in your valve and it measures just over 1", you will need a 1" replacement. Same goes for 2" and 3" valves.