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Trainer Swim Spa Filters

All of our H2X Trainer swim spa filters here at MSP are factory direct, OEM replacement filters. This ranges from Swim Spa Charger Outer Filter, to the Swim Spa Stand Alone Filter, Eco Pur Charge Filter, and more.

They all come with the Master Spas Eco Pur filtration system as well, helping your filter exceed industry standards.

Take a look at our Eco Pur Charge Filter Guide for detailed and additional information about the Eco Pur filter system for your hot tub!

In order to continue to have your swim spa working at its fullest and best capacity, please replace your H2X Trainer Swim Spa filter every 6 months.

All of our H2X Trainer Swim Spa Filters are in stock and available for same day shipping. Please note that orders over $99 are eligible for free shipping in the continental United States.

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    6 Filter set for Master Spas Swim Spas

    Swim Spa 6 Filter Set
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    One of the things we love about the Swim Spa Eco Pur Filter is that is can reduce your chemical consumption by up to 75% while cleansing your spa or hot tub of harmful contaminants, bacteria, and microbes. Essentially, this mineral filter for Swim Spas is the filter that pays for itself!

    This Eco Pur pure filter works with most Master Spa® H2X & Michael Phelps Swim Spas.

    Eco Pur filter for hot tub style x268045
    No Longer Available
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    Eco Pur Charge filters by Master Spas can help reduce your chlorine usage by up to 75%, while also extending the lifetime of your spa or hot tub. The new Eco Pur Charge Filter is the replacement for all previous Eco Pur Mineral cartridges for Master Spas hot tubs. Choose the best for your spa and save time and money — order an Eco Pur filter today.

    Eco Pur Charge Filter PMA-EPR
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    Get the most out of your H2X® or Michael Phelps Signature swim spa by purchasing a high-quality Pleatco® replacement filter PWW50P3 to work alongside your H2X® Eco Filter. All Master Spa Parts orders are shipping out within 48 hours — order your H2X® swim spa filter cartridge replacement today!

    MP & H2X Trainer Swim Spa Stand Alone Filter
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    Did you know that the amount of microbes on filtration surfaces can double every 20 minutes? The warm water and organic materials are the perfect breeding grounds for germs. But, with the Pleatco H2X® Trainer & Michael Phelps filter PMA-R4, germs and microbes don’t even have a chance. Pick up your Swim Spa ECO PUR CHARGE System Filter from the Master Spa Parts online store, today!

    MP & H2X Trainer Swim Spa Charge Outer Filter
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    H2X® and Master Spas® Legend Series™ filters are expensive, but worth every penny when you consider the investment (and enjoyment) of your swim spa. Master Spa Parts’ Swim Spa ECO PUR CHARGE 7 Filter Set is an economical way to keep your spa clean and ready for use.

    Start saving — order bulk filters for your H2X® & Michael Phelps swim spas from the Master Spa Parts online store. This product qualifies for free shipping to the Continental United States.

    swim spa eco pur charge filter set
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    With EcoPur® Charge filters for Michael Phelps Swim Spas ™ and H2X® spas available in a convenient three-piece set, you'll be ready to enjoy your spa. Plus, customers in the continental United States get free shipping when they order MSP's swim spa EcoPur® Charge 3-filter set.

    This filter set replaces 268705

    swim spa eco pur three set filter
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