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Swim Spa Exercise Equipment Accessories

Master Spa Parts offers a number of exercise accessories for swim spas including stationary swim spa tethers, spa rowing kits, underwater camera kits, weighted spa ankle fins, water dumbbell kits, and even a complete swim spa exercise kit from H2X®, which has practically everything you need to get the most out of your swim spa workout.

The kits and accessories from Master Spa Parts allow you to enhance your strength, flexibility, and aerobic goals in a low-impact environment — something that is especially useful for those with osteoarthritis!

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  1. Get more time out of your time in the spa. Get a full body underwater workout with the Swim Spa Exercise Kit!

    Swim Spa Complete Exercise Kit
  2. Use the uniquely designed Swim Spa Water Dumbbell Kit to achieve your fitness goals while enjoying your spa.

    Swim Spa Water Dumbell Kit
  3. Get a powerful lower body workout with the form-fitting Swim Spa Ankle Fin Kit. Strengthen those leg and thigh muscles at your own pace while enjoying the soothing flow of your spa.

    Swim Spa Ankle Fin Kits
  4. Have you been searching for a spa grab bar that can be used for lower body workouts, or as a handrail for getting in and out of your swim spa? The RX Swim Spa Contoured SST Grab Bar is a great option. Its unique contours allow for an easy grip and its heavy-duty construction resists rusting and corrosion.

    RX Swim Spa Contoured SST Grab Bar
  5. For your Master Spas® H2X swim spa, Master Spa Parts offers the Rowing and Exercise Kit. This kit has everything you need to turn your H2X swim spa into a low-impact exercise set! Great for users of all ages and abilities, spa exercises are some of the best ways to tone your arms, abs, waist, and get in shape!

    Rowing and Exercise Kit
  6. The Underwater Camera with Hardware can be used to visually monitor conditions within your swimming pool. For competitive swimmers, an underwater camera is useful in identifying and correcting your technique. As an all-in-one kit, this pool safety camera includes the underwater camera, mounting brackets, and power supply.

    Underwater Camera with Hardware
  7. Designed specifically for the Master Spas® H2X swim and fitness spa, the 3-Part Swim Tether Swim Assembly allows you to enjoy the health and training benefits of swimming — right in your own swim spa! This three-part assembly comes with a swimming harness, tether rod, as well as rope-from-tether rod to swim harness.

    3 Part Master Spa Swim Tether Swim Assembly
  8. Swim Tether Swim Belt

    Swim Belt
  9. Swim Tether Mini is a compact single-pole version of the 3-Part Swim Tether that measures 24 inches in height. This shorter version is ideal for water aerobics and physical therapy sessions. A minimum of fourteen feet of swim space is recommended. Ideal for attachments such as handle grips or ankle straps.

    Swim Tether Mini
    • The Original Swim Tether is designed to provide a unique resistance workout for swimmers of all skill levels. Quickly install and assemble to swim in most swim spas and swimming pools. A minimum of fourteen feet of swim space is recommended. Using optimal lift and an elevated connection point allows the swimmer to swim unencumbered by cords and restrictive ankle attachments.

      Swim Tether Original
      • Swim Tether Installation Plate

        Swim Tether Installation Plate
      • 4.5' Resistance Cord

        4.5' Resistance Cord
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