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How to Find Your Master Spas Year, Make and Model

Check your original sales agreement or your owner's manual. If this information is not provided in those documents, you will need to locate the serial number.

Master Spa's serial numbers are 7 characters; models 2009 and earlier start with an M and are proceeded by 6 digits. All models produced in 2010 and later will have 7 digits.

To Locate your Master Spas Serial Number:

  • On the lower part of your hot tub skirt is a metal tag which will display your serial number. Older hot tubs serial numbers are sometimes unreadable on this tag due to weather, if this is the case remove and check the back of your tag.
  • In your filter well (under your filter lid) is a sticker that has a serial number. Older hot tubs serial numbers are sometimes unreadable from the hot tub water.
  • Remove the front panel of your Master Spa. On top of the large metal or plastic control pack, there will be a sticker with the serial number printed on it.

To Determine your Master Spas Year:

  • The first two digits of your serial number on models 2010 and later is your production year.
    • Example: 1206559 is a 2012 model
  • 2009 and earlier the first digit after the M is your year.
    • Example: M202321 is a 2002 model
    • *date of manufacture may be on metal tag

To Determine your Master Spas Make:

Look at your topside control to see if it lists the make of your hot tub.

To Determine your Master Spas Hot Tub Type:

Your hot tub type could be either a name or a number. If you have no record of this information, contact the factory at 1-800-860-7727 with your serial number (Legend Series, Exeter, 6.1, 7.2, etc.).

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