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Legend Series Hot Tub Filters

All Master Spas Legend Series filters are OEM factory direct replacement filters. The Legend Series has used a few different types of filters over the years, most common being the filter standpipe kit + Legend Series Eco Pur filter in conjunction with the outer filter OR the standard Legend Spa filter.

For additional savings, you can purchase the: Microban and Eco Pur filter set - OR - the standard Legend Series filter and Eco Pur filter set

If you are looking for a mineral cartridge replacement, refer to the Master Spas Eco Pur Charge Filter, as that is the filter cartridge you will need to use going forward. Master Spas Eco Pur filtration system is a patented technology that ensures the water in your spa exceeds all industry standards. 

For Legend Series spa filter questions (because we know this can be confusing), feel free to give us a call at anytime at 855-308-2149 and we will help you find the correct filter! (as again, it may have changed) When you call, please have the year, make and type of Master Spa you own to make the process easier.

*Please note that filters have been updated, and the available filters for your Healthy Living spa are located below (if not, you may want to look here for additional replacement filter information.)

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  1. Eco Pur Charge filters by Master Spas can help reduce your chlorine usage by up to 75%, while also extending the lifetime of your spa or hot tub. The new Eco Pur Charge Filter is the replacement for all previous Eco Pur Mineral cartridges for Master Spas hot tubs. Choose the best for your spa and save time and money — order an Eco Pur filter today.

    Eco Pur Charge Filter PMA-EPR
  2. Buy the set and save with this EcoPur® Charge filter set which include x268532, x268543, x268546 from Master Spa Parts! Before you slip on that one-piece or two-piece, order this three-piece hot tub filter set for your hot tub!

    Twilight, Legend & Therapool EcoPur® Charge  Filter Set  (3 Filters)
  3. Available at our low, everyday price, Master Spa Parts offers an outer filter PMA-R1 for select H2X®, Twilight, and Legend Series™ spas and hot tubs. This Eco Pur Charge product features advanced filtration technologies.

    Order this filter for Twilight and Legend Series™ spas from the Master Spa Parts online store, today!

    Twilight, Legacy, Legend and Therapool Filter
  4. Choosing the right filter for your spa is one of the best ways to keep your spa water clean and clear. Pleatco® filter PMA40L-F2M also help your hot tub's pumps and other mechanical functions work efficiently. With this skimming filter, Master Spa Parts is helping customers extend the lifetime of their spas and get a great deal. Pick up your replacement filter, today!

    Twilight, Legacy, Legend and Therapool Stand Alone Filter
  5. Master Spa Parts customers love our Eco Pur Filter for Twilight Spas. These are available for a number of models, excluding TS120 and TS240. In a field crowded by inferior mineral filters, the Eco Pur filters by Master Spas truly stand apart from the rest. For those who own a model of Twilight Spas, using a mineral filter can help you cut back on chlorine use while also getting your spa or hot tub sparkling clean.

    Eco Pur Filter PMA-EP2
  6. Twilight & Legend Series Spas Filter Set (3 Filters)

    Filter Set for Twilight, Legend & Therapool - 3 Filters
  7. Buying replacement spa filters from your local pool and spa supply company can be expensive. Fortunately, Master Spa Parts makes it easy (and affordable) to replace a filter in your spa or hot tub. With Pleatco outer filters PMA25 from Master Spa Parts, you can keep your Twilight Spas™ hot tub water clean, while also giving its performance and longevity a boost.

    Outer Filter For Legacy, Legend, Therapool & Twilight Series
  8. Get your spa’s water sparkling clean while also reducing the amount of chlorine necessary to keep your spa sanitized. Master Spa® Eco Pur Filters work wonders in reducing harmful contaminants in your hot tub. Spa filters do make a difference! This Master Spa® Eco Pur Filter can be used with the Replacement Outer Filter or Outer Filter with Microban™ (available from the MSP online store).

    Eco Pur Filter PMA-EP1
  9. Why overpay for spa filters and parts when you could simply buy affordable, OEM replacements from the Master Spa Parts online store? Available at our low, everyday price, we have the Filter Standpipe Kit for Master Spas®. This kit allows you to convert your old-style Eco Pur with Handle standpipe to the latest Eco Pur mineral cartridge. Order your Eco Pur Mineral Cartridge Standpipe Kit from the Master Spa Parts store today!

    Filter Standpipe Kit for Master Spas
  10. The perfect replacement filter set for Legend Series®, Down East Spas, and Legacy Whirlpool® hot tubs! This Master Spas® filter pack contains one Master Spas® outer filter and one Eco Pur mineral cartridge. We’ve bundled them together into one convenient filter pack — and passed the savings on to you!

    Remember to add onto your Outer Filter & Eco Pur Cartridge purchase and get free shipping from Master Spa Parts! All orders $99 and over receive free shipping to the Continental United States.

    Replacement Outer & Eco Pur Cartridge for Master Spas
  11. For the Legend Series™ by Master Spas®, Down East Spas (excluding 2011 series), and Legacy Whirlpool® spas, we’re pleased to offer the popular, economical Master Spas® filter replacement two-pack at a remarkable discount. This premium set includes an outer filter with Microban® and Eco Pur cartridge. Both the outer filter and cartridge are factory-direct OEM replacement parts. Order yours today!

    Outer Filter with Microban® & Eco Pur Cartridge
  12. This Master Spas® outer micro filter is our best-selling standard replacement filter for Master Spas and Down East Spas. It is compatible with all Legend Series® (2004-2011) and Down East (2004-2010) spas, and is used together with our Eco Pur Mineral Cartridge and Filter Standpipe Kit.

    Master Spas Outer Filter
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