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Master Spa Lights & LEDS

When you’re in need of hot tub replacement lighting, it’s important to order high quality, authentic OEM replacement parts. We offer a large selection of OEM Master Spa LEDs and Master Spa Lights in stock and ready to ship to your door! Choose from LED bulbs, LED controllers, colorscape lighting, halogen light bulbs, light cables, harnesses and more. For assistance finding the exact replacement lighting you need, call our Master Spa Parts Customer Service team today at (855) 308-2149.

Replacing Hot Tub Lighting

Relaxing in a hot tub is a soothing experience that can be enhanced with lighting and calming LED displays. Many hot tubs come with the lighting, and as with any type of electronic gear, those lights can break down over time. When this happens you need to figure out what caused it and if you need hot tub light replacements.

Some steps you can take to determine what to replace: First, be sure to check the main circuit breaker box to confirm the breaker hasn’t tripped. If the plug doesn’t come loose, unplug your hot tub before doing anything further. Take a look at your transformer – if it feels excessively hot or smells burnt it could be malfunctioning and in need of a replacement like those found here. If your hot tub transformer, circuit boards, and wiring look fine, check out the specific LED lights – if they look discolored or cracked browse through our hot tub light replacements below to easily replace them. Also, sometimes a loose LED can disrupt the power to all lights so be sure to press each firmly in place.

Questions About Hot Tub Lighting?

Feel free to browse through our large selection of hot tub light and LED replacements below. If you have any questions about our line of products, give our Customer Service a call so we can make sure you’re getting the exact lights you need at (855) 308-2149! We’re happy to help!

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  1. Lens, LED Optical Faceted Light

    Lens, LED Optical Faceted Light
  2. Faceted Bullet Lens

    Faceted Bullet Lens
  3. 5 inch Jumbo Light Assembly

    5 inch Light Assembly
  4. Nut for Faceted Bullet Lens

    Nut for Faceted Bullet Lens
  5. Starpoint Housing

    Starpoint Housing
  6. Lens, LED Wide Faced

    Lens, LED Wide Faced
  7. Star Light Lens

    Star Light Lens
  8. Topside Bulb

    Topside Bulb
  9. Nut that goes with Wide Faced LED Lens

    Nut that goes with Wide Faced LED Lens
  10. Small LED Controller

    Small LED Controller
  11. Fiber Optic Wall Fitting

    Fiber Optic Wall Fitting
  12. This replacement spa light bulb is one element to the lighting system and is specific to the 2012 Contractor Series models CS 360 and CS 415. Spa light bulbs help to bring a unique ambience to your home spa.

    Spa Light Bulb
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