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Hot Tub Covers

High quality, long lasting hot tub covers, custom-made for you.

To start the custom hot tub cover process, please refer to the illustrations below and select the shape of your hot tub. Once you've selected the shape, please choose one of the 13 colors you would like your hot tub cover to be. If none of these shapes are accurate or you would like more information about the colors, please contact a Master Spa Parts specialist at 855-308-2149.

When To Order A Replacement Hot Tub Cover

Not sure if it's time to order a new hot tub cover? Check your cover for these key indicators:

  • If the outer vinyl is torn on your spa cover, it will affect the heat retention and cleanliness of your spa water. Cracked vinyl isn’t repaired easily and, unfortunately, with dry and brittle vinyl no repair is possible.
  • A heavy or sagging cover shows that water has been absorbed into the foam core, and a replacement hot tub cover must be ordered. Foam cores are critical for heat retention and safety.
  • Other smaller issues can arise such as broken straps and locks, torn hinges, or unfastened stitching, all of which can affect heat retention in your hot tub and your safety.
Hot Tub Covers
measuring a hot tub cover

Select a shape & customize

Please note that along measurement A is where your hot tub cover will fold in half.

Enter Measurements

Measuring your hot tub accurately is important, as it ensures your new custom cover will fit properly.

If your old cover indicates different elements such as make, model or specifications—only use those measurements to confirm your own. Generally, hot tub covers tend to fit better when the owner uses their own measurements. If you like the fit of your current cover, simply measure it and we will replicate that. If you would like it a bit bigger, round your numbers slightly up!

If none of the shapes on this order form match the design of your hot tub or you would like more information in general, please contact a Master Spa Parts specialist at 855-308-2149.

Length (A)
24 inches
Length (B)
24 inches
Length (C)
2 inches

If your measurement falls in between two numbers, round DOWN to make the cover corner a bit larger. Please contact us if your cover measures larger than 96″ in any direction, if your cover has special cut outs for speakers, handrails, or any other special requirements, or if your cover shape was not shown.

Measuring the radius your hot tub cover

How To Use the Carpenter Square: Put the square against the spa at the corner. The radius is the measurement between the inside corner of the square and where the curve of the spa corner first touches the square (shown by the black line).

  • 4" to 2" inch taper economy insulation

    Our Economy model insulation is lightweight and inexpensive. This model offers a 4 to 2.5 inch taper-- a thicker taper than found in other comparable brands.

  • 5" to 3" inch taper standard insulation

    Our value-priced Standard model is a good purchase for those located in mild to moderate climates. This model offers a 5 to 3 inch taper.

  • 6" to 4" inch taper premium insulation

    Our high density Premium model is extra resistant, as it provides high moisture absorption. This feature is especially beneficial for those in rainy areas and seasonal climates. Additionally, Premium insulation has a higher R-value – meaning it will reduce energy consumption anywhere!

Hot Tub Skirt (Flap) :
Skirt LengthSkirt Length
Locking StrapsLocking Straps

The standard hot tub skirt (flap) length is 4”– which is the recommended length for most spas. However, at MSP, we can make your hot tub skirt any length you want – from 1” – 10”

Additionally, lockable straps (4) are located on the skirt– falling 3 inches longer than the flap itself. These straps provide resistance against the wind – and are located strategically depending on the shape of your cover.

*If you require a longer strap length or placed in a specific area, please contact us (with a diagram) and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Standard or Long Steam Stoppers :
Standard Steam Stopper
Long Steam Stopper
Select Cover Density
Foam Density
Select the Vapor Barriers of Your Hot Tub
Vapor Barrier
Handles :
WeatherShield :

Our WeatherShield fabric is a 100% solution-dyed polyester that's light-weight, extremely durable, environmentally superior and does not absorb water.

Other benefits include:
  • Reduces overall cover weight by 25%
  • 3x stronger than traditional vinyl
  • Provides superior tear and abrasion resistance
  • Made with recyclable materials so it's environmentally superior
To upgrade to WeatherShield($65.00), choose one of the following color options:
Jet Black
Desert Taupe
Brazilian Mahogany
Coffee Brown
Oxford Grey
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Why Buy from Master Spa Parts?

Owning a Master Spa hot tub cover — whether it's one you build yourself or a traditional cover — is the best way to keep the heat in, the cold out, and your energy bills low! A well-insulated cover from Master Spa Parts will act as a barrier and prevent the heat from escaping.

All of our traditional and build-your-own covers contain at minimum, a 1.5lb foam density, long or short steam stopper cushions, six-inch foam insulation, and four-inch tapered sides. All of these items ensure that your spa is as energy efficient as can be! Not to mention, every hot tub cover order placed on MasterSpaParts.com qualifies for Free Shipping!

Master Spa Parts soars above the rest as we help you identify the best hot tub cover sizes and styles that will work best for your Master Spa. Whether you’re looking for a new or replacement hot tub cover, our covers are made on-demand to match your spa’s specific make and model. Plus, our team of Master Spa Parts customer service agents are always here to answer any questions you may have.

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