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SpaBoss Sanitizers

SpaBoss sanitizers are an essential part of keeping your hot tub clean, clear, and enjoyable! We offer a large assortment and the complete line of SpaBoss sanitizers, including the popular SpaBoss Chlor Aid, SpaBoss Spa Shock, SpaBoss Descummer, SpaBoss Shock, and more. These sanitizers will disinfect your Master Spa water, killing bacteria and algae and helping reduce the maintenance of your spa!

All Spa Boss sanitizers are in stock and ready to ship to your door. If you have questions about which sanitizer would work best for your Master Spa, call our Customer Service team today at 855-308-2149. Additionally, be sure to Learn More About Caring for You Master Spas to ensure longevity in your spa.

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    SpaBoss Chlor-Aid (2 lb.) is the easy way to disinfect your hot tub water and keep it free from algae and bacteria that can lead to unwanted side effects. This granular chlorine product immediately disinfects water, keeping it clean and clear. Additionally, Chlor-Aid will not disturb the pH or alkalinity balance in your water. 

    SpaBoss Chlor-Aid - 2lb.
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    SpaBoss Spa Shock (2 lb.) is the shock product that you need to keep contaminants from ruining your hot tub water and plumbing. Your chlorine and bromine sanitizers work hard to keep your water disinfected, and shocking the water regular with a non-chlorine shock keeps organic matter and bacteria from building up. Comes in a 2lb. bag.

    Shock chemicals from Spa Boss
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    SpaBoss Descummer boosts the effectiveness of the filtration system in your spa or hot tub, helping to keep the water clean and free of left-over contaminants.

    Spa Boss Descummer Chemical
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    SpaBoss Energize oxidizing shock treatment and activates bromide salts

    Spa Boss Energize Spa Cleaner
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    SpaBoss Bromine Tabs can be used as an easy hot tub sanitizer and disinfectant, quickly lowering pH levels and alkalinity to keep your hot tub water perfect for whenever you want it.

    SpaBoss Bromine tabs for cleaning spa
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