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Cover Lifters for Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

A hot tub cover lifter is a stylish, no-hassle, durable, and reliable solution for keeping your cover close-by and off the ground.

All of our hot tub and swim spa cover lifters are made with the highest quality materials and are designed to fit most Master Spa hot tubs. MSP offers CoverMate, UltraLift, and Smartop Cover Lifters.

When picking out a cover lifter for your spa, know that you have options! Take a look at our assortment spa cover lifters below to see which best fits your spa needs:

CoverMate: CoverMate provides you with cover lifts that are stylish, easy to install and exceed consumer and dealer expectations! From the standard CoverMate 1 that requires minimal space behind your spa, to CoverMate Vanish that has hydraulic shocks, CoverMate has every type of cover you need to fit your lifestyle.

UltraLift: UltraLift offers you different types of cover lifters that cater to your specific wants and needs. Whether you’d like a hydraulic cover lift mount, undermount (to slide bars under your hot tub) or options and conversion kits to turn your normal cover lifter into something a bit more advanced – UltraLift has it for you!

Smartop: Smartop is both a cover and a cover lift in one! It has a hydraulic lift system for your hot tub that is one-of-a-kind. Made of a strong polymer material, the Smartop’s durability is truly unmatched. The durability is unmatched, as they are made of a strong polymer material. Smartop spa and swim spa cover lifters and covers come in two different styles: Upright and Vanish.

Questions About Master Spa Cover Lifters?

You can browse through our selection of CoverMate, UltraLift, and Smartop hot tub cover lifters below. If you need help ordering a cover lift for your Master Spa, call our Customer Service team today at (855) 308-2149!

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  1. Master Spa Parts is proud to offer the CoverMate I Cover Lifter (with standard bracket), which is often described as the ‘highest quality’ and ‘most solid’ spa cover lift on the market. Spa covers can be heavy and awkwardly shaped, making them difficult to handle even for regular gym-goers - and this cover lift helps with the hassle! 

    CoverMate I
      Special Price $199.00 Regular Price $249.99
    • Putting on and taking off spa and hot tub covers can be tiring for even physically fit individuals. If you’ve put off getting a cover lifter because you haven’t found a cover lift that fits behind your spa, you’re in luck; CoverMate III only requires 6” of clearance space — and that’s just one of the many benefits of this customer-favorite hydraulic spa cover lift from Leisure Concepts.

      CoverMate III
        Special Price $259.00 Regular Price $315.00
      • Is your current cover lift stealing the your spa’s views and enjoyment? We have the perfect solution! The CoverMate II Cover Lift from Leisure Concepts is easy to use and discreet — it’s there when you need and out of sight when you don’t! With several mounting options, the CoverMate II makes it easy for just about anyone to lift a spa cover on their own — that’s all part of the convenience of owning a CoverMate II Cover Lift! And it’s one of the highest rated cover lifts on the market.

        ***Will not work on Swim Spas***

        CoverMate II
        Special Price $209.00 Regular Price $259.99
      • Billed as the “best budget-friendly spa cover lift,” CoverMate I Eco is the perfect low-cost solution to constantly getting help from a “cover buddy” — or, putting on and taking off your spa or hot tub on your own. The CoverMate I Eco from Leisure Concepts makes it totally easy to uncover and re-cover your spa.

        CoverMate I Eco
        Special Price $149.00 Regular Price $180.00
      • Hot tub cover removal and storage can be difficult, so why not make it easier with a spa CoverShelf by Leisure Concepts. When removing your cover, simply fold it in half and slide it into the shelf, made of sturdy aluminum bars. There, it can rest securely off the ground and without obstructing your view!

        Cover Shelf
        Special Price $99.00 Regular Price $139.00
      • Specifically designed for budget-conscious consumers in need of a hydraulic spa cover lift, the CoverMate III Eco delivers many of the same high-performance features of the CoverMate III from Leisure Concepts, yet at a price that’s nice. If you’ve been searching for an affordable hydraulic spa cover lift, you’ll be happy to know that this item comes with free shipping (in the continental US) from Master Spa Parts!

        CoverMate III Eco B
          Special Price $179.00 Regular Price $209.00
        • The CoverMate Vanish XL is easy to handle and provides a low-profile view. This design positions your cover behind the spa when open.

          CoverMate Vanish XL
          Special Price $299.00 Regular Price $349.00
        • The Ultralift Visionlift Boomerang cover lifter (SKU: 6132034) gives you the freedom to open your cover all the way to the ground. With this cover lifter and sliding bracket, you will not have to drill a second location on your spa cabinet for your lifter.

          Ultralift - Visionlift Boomerang Spa Cover Lifter
          Special Price $329.00 Regular Price $389.00
        • Cover Valet Top Mount Cover Lifter It is designed to fit in almost any backyard environment: inside of a gazebo, against a wall, or even mounted into an existing deck. Dual gas springs assist in effortlessly lifting and lowering the spa cover. A locking safety feature holds the cover open until it is time to be closed. A durable powder coat finish accompanied by stainless steel hardware allows the Cover Valet to be equipped with an industry leading 5 year warranty.

          Cover Valet Top Mount Cover Lifter
          Special Price $219.00 Regular Price $285.00
        • The CoverMate II Understyle Cover Lifter is there for you when you need it and tucked away in the background while your hot tub is in use! It has two plates that slide easily underneath your hot tub. The cover lifter only requires 18 inches of clearance behind your spa.

          CoverMate II Understyle
          Special Price $229.00 Regular Price $279.00
        • It can be hard to find a round spa cover lift, or a cover lift for the many irregularly shaped spas and hot tubs that have arrived on the market. Fortunately, there’s the CoverMate Freestyle Cover Lift from Leisure Concepts. This lift is perfect for round and unique spa covers.

          CoverMate Freestyle
          Special Price $269.00 Regular Price $315.00
        • You are probably in the same position we were a few years ago — still in love with owning a spa, but frustrated with having to replace the vinyl cover every few years. We hear it asked time and again, “Why can’t they just make a spa cover that lasts?” Well, Leisure Concepts was listening and they did just that with their line of Smartop spa covers. Best of all, this spa cover designed to last a lifetime features a built-in cover lift assistant!

          Smartop covers are made in the USA, virtually maintenance-free, and available in widths ranging from 56-120”. To ensure a perfect fit, please use our Smartop measuring guide before placing an order.

          Smartop Upright Hot Tub Cover
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        Cover lifters are aluminum bars and brackets installed on the cover to simplify taking your hot tub cover on and off. Once installed, your hot tub cover removal process is streamlined and simplified.

        Clearance for a hot tub cover lifter depends on the type of cover lifter you purchase. Some hot tub cover lifters, such as the CoverMate I, III, and Upright, only require approx. 5-6” inches of clearance on the sides and back. While others, such as the CoverMate Vanish and CoverMate II, require from 18”-25” on the backside.

        Most cover lifters attach to the side of your hot tub with anti-corrosive brackets. A few cover lifters on the market, such as the CoverMate II Understyle, have two plates that slide easily underneath your hot tub.

        Yes, there are a plethora of different cover lifters you can purchase. Cover lifters such as Smartop come with hydraulic lifts, while CoverMate by Leisure Concepts allow for your cover to either rest behind your spa or upright to create a privacy and wind screen. We have cover lifters to fit each and every preference.

        Hot tub cover lifters can be heavy and awkwardly shaped, and cover lifters make taking on and off your cover easy and hassle-free.