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Master Spa Hot Tub Control Packs

Spa control packs are considered the “brain” of your hot tub or spa. They control the important functions of the spa’s components such as circulating pumps, blowers, ozonators, lights, and more. Many times you’ll find that spas and hot tubs are considered useless and in turn, discarded because they have a worn-out control system. But did you know these worn-out systems can simply and easily be replaced with our hot tub control packs? Well, then can, and we have just the products for you.

If you need to replace your Master Spa control pack, you’ve come to the right place. We are the largest Master Spa parts supplier in the country. All of the hot tub control packs we sell are genuine OEM factory parts, built to the exact same specifications as your original pack.

If you’d like to know more about the different spa control packs Master Spa Parts offers, please give our Customer Service team a call 855-308-2149 to talk with a hot tub and spa expert!

Spa Control Packs Safety Installation Reminders

It is important to know that doing electrical repairs on your hot tub, especially while installing circuit boards and Master Spa control packs, can be especially dangerous. A certified electrician or trained spa technician should make all electrical repairs to your spa. Most importantly, no matter who is installing your hot tub control packs, be sure power is shut off at the service panel prior to making any sort of inspections or repairs.

Do You Have Questions About Master Spa Control Packs?

A Master Spa Parts representative is more than happy to help and speak to you about the different spa circuit board offerings! Just locate your year, make, and model number and call our Customer Service team today at (855) 308-2149. We’re happy to help!

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  1. MS8000 System (V/N 53231)

    MS8000 System Control Pack Master Spas (V/N 53231)
  2. MS 50 U Control Pack

    MS 50U Control Pack
  3. Made to go with the Legend Series by Master Spas, the MS5000 Pack is an exact replacement for your spa’s original control pack. The control pack is durable, easily installed with the help of an electrician or trained spa technician, and is made to provide you continued enjoyment of your home spa.

    MS5000 Pack
  4. MS1500 System (V/N 54493)

    MS1500 System Pack (V/N 54493)
  5. Complete MS 501X Control Pack

    MS 501X Control Pack
  6. MS2K VSP Control Pack

    MS2K VSP Control Pack
  7. This is the BP Spa Control System that is sold by Master Spa Parts. The system is enclosed in plastic to protect from corrosion. There is one size to this replacement part, which has a SKU number of X300782. The BP Spa Control System is one of the many replacement parts that we ship throughout the continental U.S.

    MS40 Spa Pack
  8. MS81 SPAU Spa Pack

    MS81 SPAU Spa Pack
  9. Spa control packs, such as this MSWIM 15 Pack, are often-times known as the “brain” of the home spa. This replacement pack has a SKU number of X300794 and is manufactured and engineered by Balboa Water Group. The spa control pack controls a variety of functions in the spa such as lights, blowers, circulating pumps and more.

  10. MS300 AVU Control Pack

    MS300 AVU Control Pack
  11. VSP Drive for H2X Challenger Pump 2

    VSP Drive for H2X Challenger Pump 2
  12. VSP Drive for H2X Challenger Pump 1

    VSP Drive for H2X Challenger Pump 1
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