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Down East Spa Pillows

Masterspaparts.com offers all your Down East Spa Pillows. The Down East Spa Pillow you need will depend on the year, make, and model of your spa. Master Spa Down East pillows are different from year to year. The easiest way to find the correct pillows for your spa would be to compare the current pillows to the pictures at masterspaparts.com. All Down East Spa headrests are direct replacements as the ones that came in your spa when you originally received it. We offer free shipping on all orders over $99.00 placed in the continental United States. If you are unsure as to which Down East Spa Pillows you need please have your year, make, and model available and give our customer care a call at 855-308-2149.

Replacing Your Down East Spa Pillows

Your Down East Spa needs the right spa pillows. The pillow receptacles, headrests, and lounge pillows that are available in our selection will be the same quality and comfort as your original pillows. The hot tub pillows include wrap around pillows, headrests, lounge pillows, neck jet pillows, and euro style pillows in black or charcoal.

Do You Have Questions About Down East Spa Pillow Replacements?

A Master Spa Parts representative is standing by to help with figuring out the different spa pillows for hot tubs! Please call our Customer Service team today at (855) 308-2149. We’re here to help!

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  1. Pillow Receptacles

    Pillow Receptacle
  2. The Charcoal Neck Pillow is a replacement pillow for charcoal colored neck pillows for some Down East Spas.

    Charcoal, Neck Pillow
  3. The Charcoal Flat Pillow is a well-made pillow that fits securely into many hot tub brands.

    Charcoal, Flat Pillow
  4. The Charcoal Down East Lounge Pillow will match the original hot tub pillow that came with your Down East Spa.

    Charcoal, Down East Lounge Pillow
  5. The Black Flat Pillow from Master Spa will match your original hot tub pillow.

    Black, Flat Pillow
    Out of stock
  6. The Black Lounge Pillow fits with many Down East Spas to replace the lounge pillow originally made with the older hot tubs (2003-2009).

    Black, Lounge Pillow
  7. The Black Small Lounge Pillow fits with most Down East Spas to replace the lounge pillow originally made with older hot tubs (2003-2009).

    Black, Small Lounge Pillow
  8. The Black Wrap Around Master Spas Pillow will nicely replace your original hot tub pillow for certain Down East Master Spa hot tubs (2003-2009).

    Black, Wrap-Around Master Spas Pillow
  9. The Black Neck Jet Pillow is a generic pillow designed to work with most Master Spa Hot Tubs including Down East Spas and Freedom Spas (2003-2009).

    Black, Neck Jet Pillow for Master Spa
  10. The Black Euro Style Pillow is a perfect replacement for the original pillow that came with your Master Spa Down East or Freedom Spa hot tub (2005-2008).

    Black, Euro Style Pillow
  11. The Charcoal Wrap Around Pillow is designed to be a generic alternative to the brand name pillow that came with one of a few Down East spas from Master Spas.

    Charcoal, Wrap Around Pillow
  12. The Down East Lounge Pillow perfectly matches the original pillow that fits in your Down East hot tub from Master Spas.

    Down East Lounge Pillow
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