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Master Spa Hot Tub Filters

Our factory-direct Master Spa replacement filters are guaranteed to work just as well as your original filters. As an authorized dealer for Master Spa, we have a huge selection of hot tub filter replacements in stock, including our EcoPur Charge Filters, EcoPur Filters, outer filters, filter bundles, and more.

If you have previously purchased an EcoPur filter and outer replacement filter for your Master Spa, please be aware there have been updates to your filter sets, with the replacement information found here.

We know finding your replacement filter can be confusing, so please don’t hesitate to call our Customer Service Team anytime at 855.308.2149 with your spa make and model number ready. We will make sure you order the correct one!

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    This 3 part filter set is for the H2X Therapool 13 Swim Spa. 

    Swim 13 Filter Set
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    6 Filter set for Master Spas Swim Spas

    Swim Spa 6 Filter Set
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    The Master Spa Parts team is here to offer you a vast selection of replacement filter PLBS50 , including the Contractor Series Filter 2011 and Earlier product. This Pleatco Plus filter includes action built right into the pleats, ensuring effective protection even after repeat rinses. Order a filter for Contractor Series Spas (Master Spas®), today!

    Filter for Contractor Series by Master Spas
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    Eco Pur Charge filters by Master Spas can help reduce your chlorine usage by up to 75%, while also extending the lifetime of your spa or hot tub. The new Eco Pur Charge Filter is the replacement for all previous Eco Pur Mineral cartridges for Master Spas hot tubs. Choose the best for your spa and save time and money — order an Eco Pur filter today.

    Eco Pur Charge Filter PMA-EPR
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    The Blue Water metal remover spa pre-filter is designed with a proprietary filtration medium that includes food-grade carbon. This spa pre-filter works to remove up to 98% of heavy metals, as well as VOCs, TOCs, and other contaminants, allowing you to fill your spa from a variety of sources, such as city water, well water, hard or soft water.

    Save money on your spa start-up and get clear water ever fill-up — order the Pure Fill Spa Pre-Filter from Master Spa Parts, today!

    Pure Fill Spa Pre-Filter
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    Who doesn't love a nice dip in some hot, slimy algae water? Yeah, that's what we thought, too. Master Spa Parts is here to help you beat those summertime spa blues (and get free shipping to the Continental United States on orders over $99) with our EcoPur® Filters.

    Pick up this Pleatco® EcoPur® Charge Filter Set from Master Spa Parts today!

    This filter set replaces 268704

    eco pur charge filter set
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    Buy the set and save with this EcoPur® Charge filter set which include x268532, x268543, x268546 from Master Spa Parts! Before you slip on that one-piece or two-piece, order this three-piece hot tub filter set for your hot tub!

    This filter set replaces 268603

    Twilight, Legend & Therapool EcoPur® Charge  Filter Set  (3 Filters)
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    As Master Spa Parts customers know, having a Pleatco filter installed can really make a huge difference in the water quality and performance of your spa. With our Master Spas® swim spa filter set, you can greatly reduce unsanitary particulates, odors, mold, and contaminants in your Master Spas® swim spa.

    This product, the swim spa filter set, fits MOST Master Spas® swim spas (2 filters), is sold under the 268705 product code in the Master Spa Parts online store. Order yours today and get free shipping to the Lower 48!

    swim spa filter sets for master spa
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    With EcoPur® Charge filters for Michael Phelps Swim Spas ™ and H2X® spas available in a convenient three-piece set, you'll be ready to enjoy your spa. Plus, customers in the continental United States get free shipping when they order MSP's swim spa EcoPur® Charge 3-filter set.

    This filter set replaces 268705

    swim spa eco pur three set filter
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    H2X® and Master Spas® Legend Series™ filters are expensive, but worth every penny when you consider the investment (and enjoyment) of your swim spa. Master Spa Parts’ Swim Spa ECO PUR CHARGE 7 Filter Set is an economical way to keep your spa clean and ready for use.

    Start saving — order bulk filters for your H2X® & Michael Phelps swim spas from the Master Spa Parts online store. This product qualifies for free shipping to the Continental United States.

    swim spa eco pur charge filter set
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    This EcoPur Swim Spa set includes 2 stand alone swim spa filters, 1 outer swim spa filter, and 1 Eco Pur charge. It comes in a convenient four-piece set to provide maximum filtration in your swim spa.

    Swim Spa 4 Filter Set
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    With free shipping to the Continental United States, Master Spa Parts has EcoPur® Charge filters for the Legacy Whirlpool spas available at a wonderful price. These filters remove heavy metals, biofilm, and bacteria that are bad for bathers and spa mechanisms.

    Let's get you sitting pretty — order the Legacy EcoPur® Charge White Filter Set by Pleatco® today from Master Spa Parts!

    This filter set replaces 268609, X268701, X268702 and x268706

    Legacy Eco Pur Charge Filter Set (2 Filters)
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