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SpaBoss Cleaners

SpaBoss Cleaners are the best solutions for keeping your spa water clean, clear and odor free. When problems arise with your Master Spa, you can trust that we will have the complete line of Spa Boss Cleaners in stock, available, and ready to ship to your door.

Need a bit more guidance on what Master Spa SpaBoss chemicals you should be using, and how to add them to your spa? Check out our Master Spa Maintenance & Care Guide, or call our Customer Service team at (855) 308-2149.

SpaBoss Cleaners Quick Tips

To maximize the effectiveness of your SpaBoss cleaners, it’s important to follow proper guidelines for adding and handling the chemicals.

Experiencing cloudy water? Our SpaBoss Spa Clear product will help you get sparkling clear water. Time to clean your filter? Our Dual Action Cartridge Cleaner will restore your filter to its original condition and prolong the life of your filters.

Additionally, remember to always add only one SpaBoss chemical to your water at a time. Wait two full hours before adding another to ensure that the chemical has time to properly circulate throughout the water.

Do You Have Questions About SpaBoss Cleaners?

A Master Spa Parts customer service representative is happy to speak with you regarding what type of cleaner you need and how to properly use them. Call our team today at (855) 308-2149. We’re happy to help you!

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  1. SpaBoss Spa Clear is the quick way to restore clarity and diamond-like brilliance to your spa or hot tub. Clear water makes hot tubs more enjoyable, so use a reliable product to keep it sparkling.

    SpaBoss Spa Clear
  2. Get rid of excess foam in your hot tub quickly and prevent foam from ruining your enjoyment and relaxation! SpaBoss Defoamer is safe to use even if you’re in the hot tub at the same time.

    SpaBoss Defoamer
  3. SpaBoss Descummer boosts the effectiveness of the filtration system in your spa or hot tub, helping to keep the water clean and free of left-over contaminants.

    SpaBoss Descummer
  4. PROLINE Dual Action Cartridge Cleaner is the easy go-to product to keep your hot tub filter working effectively. Spray the cleaner on the filter cartridge for a quick clean or soak overnight to get in deep.

    Dual Action Cartridge Cleaner 32 Oz.
  5. SpaBoss Filter-Free takes the guess work and headache out of keeping your hot tub filter clean and effective. With easy-to-read colors that indicate whether there is enough product or not, you’ll be able to tell instantly if your hot tub is clean.

    SpaBoss Filter-Free
    Out of stock
  6. Proline Jet Line Cleaner clears your hot tub jets of all unwanted organics, oils, residue, dirt, minerals and biofilm. It's a great way to keep your hot tub jets clean, clear, and working properly!

    Proline Jet Line Cleaner
  7. SpaBoss Restore quickly and easily cuts through grime to clean and protect your vinyl hot tub cover. Protect your cover from damage caused by UV rays, dirt, and the elements with easy application a few times a year.

    SpaBoss ReStore
    Out of stock
  8. SpaBoss Spa Polish is specially designed to seal the surface of your hot tub or hot tub and keep it sparkling clean and protected.

    SpaBoss Spa Polish
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