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H2X Swim Spas Replacement Parts, Filters, & Covers

H2X Swim Spas by Master Spas combines therapy with water exercise – the perfect combination for the ultimate wellness experience. Be sure you have all the right, and direct-replacement parts you need to keep your H2X Swim Spas running smoothly for years to come!

All of the H2X Master spa parts that we offer are original OEM parts direct from the factory. So whether you’re looking for a cover, filters, pumps, or accessories such as pillows, you can be assured that you’re getting the official Master Spas made product!

Need help understanding which H2X Swim Spas parts you need?

To find out which H2X Master Spa part you need, try our user-friendly parts locator, online chat, give our experts a call at (855) 308-2149 or simply send us an email. Our experts will ensure that you are satisfied and with our verified Google Trusted checkout process, you can be confident that your order will be fast, easy and secure. All orders over $99.00 qualify for free shipping in the US (excludes Alaska and Hawaii), and if your order is placed before 3:00 PM CST we will even ship the same day.

Additional H2X Swim Spas Parts

We offer other Master Swim Spas replacement parts for your H2X, such as topside control panels, chemicals, heaters, pumps, jets and much more:

Jets: MSP offers authentic, exact replacement Master Spa jets for your Master Spas Swim Spa.

Chemicals: Any chemical you need for your swim spa can be found here, including spa shock, bromaid and chlorine, defoamers, cartridge cleaners, and more!

Circuit Boards: Circuit boards for H2X Master Spa sold by MSP are factory direct, OEM parts – that will fit and replace the exact circuit board that came with your original swim spa.

Heaters: Master Spas offers replacement, factory direct heaters for every type of H2X Master Spa Swim Spa model.

Topsides: Our OEM topside panels will keep information being sent to your circuit board/computer in your master swim spa.

Suction Covers: We offer replacement suction covers, adaptors, and other replacement items for your H2X Swim Spas.

Please note, MSP also offers the complete line of authentic swim spa parts for H2X, which include the Crosstrainer, H2X Trainer 12, 14, 17, 18, and the 19-foot-deep swim spas.

All H2X Swim Spas Models Produced
Force, Impact, Signature, Trainer 12, Trainer 14, Trainer 17, Trainer 18, Trainer 19, Momentum 80, H2X Cross Trainer, H2X Cross Trainer 2, H2X Cross Trainer SJ, H2X Swim Spa, Momentum 50, H2X Momentum, RX, Therapool Deep, Therapool SE, Trainer 15, Trainer 15 Deep, Trainer 19 Deep, Therapool 13, Trainer 18 D, Challenger 19D, Challenger 15D, Challenger 18D