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Hot Tub Cover Lifter Buying Guide

When it comes to hot tub cover lifters, there are a plethora of them to choose from. So, which do you go for? The cover lifter that mounts on your deck? One that hides your cover when off of your tub? One that provides screen privacy/shade while your enjoying the spa? Lucky for you, all of these options exist, its jut about choosing the one that fits you and your needs.

In this guide, we will discuss each of those options, explain the difference, show you how to install them, and more! Let’s take a look…

Are Hot Tub Cover Lifters Worth It?

Listen, we know that things these days can cost an arm and a leg. But at the end of the day, we have to evaluate the purchases we make, and if they are essential and necessary to make our lives better and less stressful. Cover lifters are one of those items (we promise!) If you are a daily or weekly spa user, cover lifters are fast, easy, easy to store, and reduce the amount of stress it is to take your cover on and off, while providing an elevated level of ease for your spa experience.

Hot Tub Cover Lifter Comparison

As mentioned previously, there are a multitude of different types of cover lifters. Each cover lifter has its own unique features, which include different types of mounts, clearance specifications, and more. Which you choose all depends on what type of cover you have and how you’d like it mounted on and near your hot tub!

Hot Tub Cover Lifters Price Cover Lift Type Required Clearance (behind)
CoverMate I $279.99 Top Mount 6 inches
CoverMate II $209.00 Low Mount 18-25 inches
CoverMate III $259.00 Top Mount 6 inches
CoverMate I Eco $149.00 Top Mount 10-15 inches
CoverMate III Eco B $179.00 Top Mount 6 inches
CoverMate II Understyle $229.00 Undermount 18 inches
CoverMate Freestyle $269.00 Top Mount 20 inches
CoverMate Easy $179.00 Top Mount 18 inches
Cover Valet Top Mount $219.00 Top Mount 4-6 inches
Ultralift Visionlift Boomerang $395.00 Top Mount 20 inches
Ultralift - Undermount $285.00 Undermount 16 inches
Ultralift - Standard Mount $237.00 Standard Mount 10-14 inches
Ultralift - Hydraulic Mount $395.00 Top Mount (Hydraulic) 12-14 inches

Swim Spa Cover Lifter Comparison

Cover lifters for your swim spa are extremely convenient and add a great element of ease to your swim spa experience. These cover lifters include the CoverMate I Master Bracket and various options from Ultralift – all of which provide much needed relief when it comes to taking on and off your cover. Take a look at the differences in those cover lifters below.

Model Price Cover Lift Type Clearance
CoverMate I Master Bracket $199.00 Top Mount (for 2014 and older Master Spa swim spas) 9 inches

Hot Tub Cover Lifter Conversion Kits

Hot tub cover lifter conversion kits allow you to adjust your cover lifters to specific needs that you’re looking for. These kits include the option of converting your cover lifter into a hydraulic lift instead of manual, turning it into an undermount lift so not to drill into the side of your hot tub, and more!

Ultralift Hydraulic Conversion Kit

This conversion kit comes with everything you need to convert the Ultralift Standard Mount Cover Lifter into a hydraulic one.

With this conversion kit, the add-on gas springs help offset the weight of your heavy hot tub cover and make it easier to take on and off your cover while either inside or outside the spa.

Made from corrosion resistant, long lasting aluminum, these gas spring hydraulic additions to your cover lifter will make your cover more hassle free than ever.

Ultralift Undermount Conversion Kit

This conversion kit allows you to maintain the integrity of your hot tub shell. No more drilling into the side of your spa.

Change the Ultralift Standard Mount Cover Lifter into an undermount style with this easy kit.

UltraLift Freemount System

The composite cabinets on a hot tub are oftentimes thin and laborious to reinforce. Furthermore the lighting and sound features on a hot tub can also make finding a suitable cover lifter challenging, often leaving the consumer no choice but to select a standard undermount system.

The Freemount System changes that, allowing you to use a cover lifter with hydraulic assist. With these Ultralift sliding brackets you can choose your preferred mounting height and no longer be restricted to one type of cover lift.

Hot Tub Cover Lifter FAQs:

How much clearance do I need for a cover lifter?

Clearance for a hot tub cover lifter depends on the type of cover lifter you purchase. Some hot tub cover lifters, such as the CoverMate I and III, only require 6 inches of clearance on the sides and back. While others, such as the CoverMate II, require between 18”-25” on the backside.

How does the cover lifter attach to my hot tub?

Most cover lifters attach to the side of your hot tub with anti-corrosive brackets. A few cover lifters on the market, such as the CoverMate II, have two plates that slide easily underneath your hot tub.

Are there different types of cover lifters?

Yes, there are several types of cover lifters you can purchase. Some cover lifters such as the CoverMate III Eco B come with hydraulic lifts, while others allow for your cover to either rest behind your spa or upright to create a privacy and windscreen. We have cover lifters to fit every preference.

Which cover lifter only requires one person to use?

While most cover lifters make it easier for one person to operate in general, any of the hydraulic lifts made by CoverMate and UltraLift are going to only require one person to use. Due to the hydraulic shocks, you simply guide the cover off of your hot tub easily. It does all the work for you!

What is the most cost-effective cover lifter?

The CoverMate I Eco is going to be the most cost-effective cover lifter. It is the perfect low-cost solution to constantly getting help from a “cover buddy” — or, putting on and taking off your spa or hot tub on your own.

Can a cover lifter go on any side of a hot tub?

Most cover lifters can be mounted on either the bottom, sides or back of your spa – which includes manual lifters or hydraulic cover lifters. Shelf cover lifters are the only on that will need more clearance – so you should make sure to check the clearance space on each side of your tub before ordering your cover lifter (to make sure it will fit).