hot tub cover flipped up

So you finally bought that Master Spas hot tub you’ve been looking for… awesome! It will be one of the most fun investments and create countless moments of relaxation. But now comes the “keeping your hot tub in good shape” part.  In order to keep that hot tub clean (other than proper maintenance to the water), you need a great and effective hot tub cover. And we’re here to help walk you through your options!

When looking for the right cover for you, durability, function, and aesthetics are the factors that you’ll want to consider first and foremost. There are four main types of spa covers that offer variations of the above, that are: Soft Spa Covers, Hard Spa Covers, and Aluminum Spa Covers.

Soft Spa Covers: These covers are made of a durable, vinyl fabric. The fabric is stretched over the top of your hot tub, and then fastened to the spa cabinets. Typically, a vinyl pillow (filled with air) is placed underneath, so rainwater doesn’t pool up during inclement weather. These covers are lightweight, cost less than many covers and aren’t as bulky. However, soft covers aren’t thermal, which is a huge negative for most hot tubs (as you want to seal in the heat!)

Hard Spa Covers: Hard hot tub covers are the covers you see most often and are the most popular among all covers. They are made of vinyl and foam cores, with a hinge located in the center. They are made to fit the specifications of your hot tub exactly, which helps to seal the edges of the hot tub.  These covers are also affordably priced and have a high R-value (R-value is the capacity of the material that insulates the cover to help resist heat flow. Higher R-Value is greater insulation).

The negative aspects of these hard spa covers are that they may require more than one person to lift (as they can be heavy), and the foam cores can absorb water if the seal is punctured.

Aluminum Spa Covers: These lightweight covers are made of a Styrofoam core that is put between aluminum plates, with an aluminum border trim. The great thing about Styrofoam is that it doesn’t absorb much water, so these covers are long-lasting. They do have a lower R-value, however, as there is no skirt over the edge of the spa. Additionally, if you don’t have a cover lifter installed as well, these covers can be challenging to put into place.

Custom-made Hot Tub Covers: Of course, you can't beat having a hot tub cover that's made just for you! At Master Spa Parts, we can create a custom-hot tub cover that's the perfect fit for your hot tub. Choose from nine shapes, thirteen colors, varying levels of insulation (from economy to premium!), and other upgrades for convenience and luxury. Measure your hot tub cover and then head over to our custom hot tub cover designer to get started.

So now that you have all the information you need regarding the different hot tub covers available, you have a big decision to make. Ultimately, it’s up to you, but we’re here to help answer any questions you may have when it comes to making this important decision.

Give Master Spa Parts a call today at (855) 308-2149 and our Customer Service Team will help walk you through the right cover for you.