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Hot Tub Maintenance

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    How Tub Diverter Valves: All You Need to Know

    How does a hot tub diverter valve work? First of all, you may be asking... what IS a diverter valve on my hot tub? Well, a valve in general controls the flow and direction of your hot tub water. Diverter valves are used to redirect the water from your hot tub and send it in different directions. These diverter valves can...

  2. portable electric drain pump

    How to Drain a Master Spa Hot Tub

    How to Drain a Master Spa Hot Tub Draining your hot tub is easier than you think! I know, you're as excited as we are about this, aren't you?! When it comes to hot tub maintenance, there are many things you need to do to ensure your spa stays clean, continues to run well, and lasts for years to come...

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    How to Keep Your Hot Tub from Freezing in Cold Weather

    Winter is here. And if any of you live in the Midwest, you’ve experienced some of the coldest temperatures in years. So at this time it’s important to ask yourself, is your hot tub ready and will it avoid freezing? If you don’t heat or regularly circulate the water in your hot tub, you are risking a freeze up, which...

  4. Hot Tub Heater

    How to Troubleshoot Your Hot Tub Heater

    It could be said that the heater is the most important part of the whole hot tub or spa. Sure, the jets are kind of a big deal, but without the heater a hot tub is just a very tiny pool. So if something happens that keeps your hot tub from getting hot water, you will need to troubleshoot the...

  5. Master Spas Circuit Board

    How to Troubleshoot a Spa Circuit Board

    The circuit board of a spa or hot tub is an essential part of the electronic system that keeps the water hot and the jets bubbling. It is a bit like a “nerve center.” The circuit board is the part of the spa system that sends electronic messages to heat the water, turn on or turn off the pump, etc...

  6. green-water-in-hot-tub

    Fix for Green, Yellow, Brown Hot Tub Water

    How to Fix Green, Yellow, or Brown Hot Tub Water Hot Tub Water Colors Having a hot tub is such a rewarding experience, and it's so important to keep it clean, clear, and BLUE! This not only extends the life, but makes it a much more pleasant experience for YOU! Did you know your water can turn green, yellow, brown...

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    Reasons Why My Hot Tub Is Not Heating

    We all know that a hot tub is called a hot tub because it’s piping hot, not lukewarm or cold. That's why we love them. The name “spa” conjures up a steaming, bubbling refuge from the stress of daily life. So when the hot tub or spa isn’t getting hot enough or is downright cold, that’s a big problem. While...

  8. smelly-spa-solution-clothespins

    Reasons Why Your Hot Tub Water Smells Bad

    A smelly hot tub is actually more common than you think. Don’t be alarmed. Due to both the chemicals used and general upkeep, your hot tub smells, good and bad are common. Here, we will go over the reasons why your hot tub water smells with honest and easy solutions. With a bit of understanding, you should be back in...

  9. MasterSpaMaintenance

    How To Clean Your Hot Tub

    It's important to remember that spas and hot tubs require reasonable maintenance and cleaning! The joys of owning your own Master Spa hot tub can be endless. From those quick therapeutic treatments for aches and pains to the relaxing afternoons soothing your day away, a hot tub is a great investment. Still, there is no getting around the fact that...

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