When birthdays and other holidays arise, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to gift other people! Well, we have the perfect gift idea for your friends and family that own hot tubs… hot tub accessories! (Or you can buy it for yourself, let's be real, you deserve nice things too!) We have compiled a list of the best hot tub accessories in our Hot Tub Accessories Gifts Guide! Take a look at all of our great and fun options to enhance your hot tub experience!

Fun Hot Tub Accessories

There’s a myriad of accessories for your hot tub, but let’s first talk about the FUN and interesting ones (we can get to practical hot tub accessories later!) These range from lighted cup holders to dumb bell exercise kits!

LED Halo Cup Holder

The LED Halo Cup Holder is a great and fun addition while you’re enjoying a beverage in the hot tub! Not only does your spa light up, but now your cup holder will too, with fun colors shining through your glass (see photo!).

Luxury Hot Tub Accessories

Now let’s get to the luxurious hot tub accessories. These items will add a little something extra to your spa experience, allowing you to make the most of the time you spend in your hot tub. These accessories aren’t necessities, but sure will improve your experience!

SpaUmbrella - Hot Tub Umbrella with LED Light

The SpaUmbrella with LED lights is the perfect luxurious addition to your hot tub experience! It provides the perfect amount of shade along with lights to enhance your nighttime hot tubbing! Additionally, it easily attaches to a base on the side of your hot tub for easy installation.

SpaCaddy - Hot Tub Drink Holder (Swivel Tray)

The SpaCaddy with Swivel Tray allows you to have beverages AND food in your hot tub, without the mess! This luxury addition will elevate your spa experience and make you enjoy your spa time even more (because who doesn’t love food and beverages while they’re having a nice soak?!)

Relaxing Hot Tub Accessories

Now let’s chat about hot tub accessories that will help you relax even more (yes, it's possible!) Our relaxing hot tub accessories will make your spa experience even more serene and comfortable.

Lavender Hot Tub Aromatherapy Spa Crystals

Lavender Hot Tub Aromatherapy Spa Crystals are a must-have addition to your hot tub experience. The lavender scents the spa crystals provide will transport you into a professional spa environment. Lavender is known to help with inflammation, rejuvenate your skin, and provide overall relaxation!

Spa Booster Seat

If you thought your hot tub was already comfortable, you haven’t experienced it with a Spa Booster Seat! This deluxe cushioned booster seat provides added comfort for your bottom, enhancing your spa experience!