Here are Master Spa Parts, we have a lot of hot tub accessories to enhance your overall spa experience. But instead of having you sift through all of them, we’ve compiled a list of the must-have hot tub accessories that you should probably buy immediately (but seriously, they’re amazing!) Checkout the different accessories you can get that will keep you safe and maintain your hot tub for years to come.

Best Hot Tub Accessories for Safety

There are many hot tub accessories MSP offers that provide an extra level of safety when using your spa. While these accessories are optional, we highly suggest you consider implementing some of these best hot tub accessories for the highest level of safety you can have (water can be slippery you know!)

SmartRail - Safety Handrail For Recessed Spas

SmartRail is a safety handrail for recessed spas. This handrail has a comfortable, foam rubber grip that is slip resistant as it helps you get in and out of your hot tub. It easily mounts to the side of your hot tub with easy installation. An absolutely important addition to your spa safety.

Handi-Step - Spa Step for Hot Tubs

Handi-Step is a spa step for hot tubs, allowing you to easily get in and out of your hot tub! The Handi-Step comes in three different color variations (so you can match your hot tub and overall aesthetic) – black, graphite, and espresso. These steps are made of heavy-duty polymers and resist UV fading!

Best Hot Tub Accessories for Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the most important elements of ensuring you hot tub lasts for a long time. This list of best hot tub accessories for maintenance will help keep your spa clean, clear, and running properly – all while being able to safely enjoy your experience.

Pump Marvel - Drain Water Without Electricity

The Pump Marvel allows you to drain the water in your spa without electricity! It drains up to thirteen times faster than normal siphoning or draining. The Pump Marvel can also lift and discharge water up to 20’ high – outperforming normal submersible pumps.

Filter Flosser - Filter Cleaner (Hose Attachment)

The Filter Flosser changes the game when it comes to cleaning your filter! Our Filter Flosser is a filter cleaner that comes with a hose attachment. It’s curved nozzle design removes dirt and debris between the pleats of your filter, and simply attaches to any garden hose! The Filter Flosser lengthens the time in between having to replace your spas filter.

Best Smart Hot Tub Accessories

Technology really changes the game in any industry, and that goes for your hot tub too! We’ve put together a list of the best smart hot tub accessories to enhance your spa experience, by using ‘smart’ equipment that you can use while using your Smartphone!

WiFi Module - Mobile App Hot Tub / Spa Control

The WiFi Module is a mobile app for your hot tub, allowing you to have control of your spa from your smartphone, tablet, and more! This Wi-Fi Module plugs directly into your spa’s control pack and is app-based and easy to use! No more running outside to power up or shut down your spa, do it from the comfort of your home!