Master Spa pillows add an elevated level of relaxation to your spa experience - they are critical for your comfort!

Hot tub pillows typically last for only 4-6 years due to soaking in water and being exposed to the chemicals in your hot tub water. Therefore, it's important to know how to properly take care of them, clean them, and when needed- how to replace them.

But before we get into the replacement of your hot tub pillows, we want to help you extend the life of them!

Cleaning your Spa Pillows

It's important to take care of your hot tub pillows with proper cleaning techniques as part of your hot tubs daily maintenance schedule. Here are some tips to cleaning your spa pillows:

• Wipe any dirt or foam off pillows with a soft sponge. Do not use any abrasive cleaners as you don't want to tear the fabric

• If they look clean, still wipe down to prevent mildew and odors from forming on the pillows (this can occur from the humidity in your hot tub)

Additionally, you can find a lot of the materials used to clean the pillows in the supplies you already have at home, such as:

• Soft Rag / Soft Sponge or Brush

• Bleach / Detergent

• Toothbrush

• Bucket filled with water (5 gallon)

• Goggles (while using bleach)

Take about a teaspoon of detergent and put it in 5 gallons of water and use the sponge or rag to clean the pillows and also clean the hot tub area around the pillows!

While the above cleaning regimen is effective in extending the life of your spa pillows, the pillows will eventually have to be replaced. The pillows vary in shapes, sizes, and fastenings - and at MSP we're able to find the exact replacement hot tub pillow you need to fit perfectly in your spa when the time comes.

Replacing your Spa Pillows

It is easier than you think to replace your spa pillows when the time comes. Simply lift the bottom of the pillow up with your fingertips and pull it firmly until the old pillow unsnaps from the spa shell. Simply put the replacement spa pillow in its place and push it down until it snaps into place. Simple as that!

Below are a list of OEM replacement Masters Spa Pillows for your spa. Additionally, please take a look at our video tutorial on How To Install a Hot Tub Wrap Around Pillow!

MSP Replacement spa pillows offered include:

Clarity Spa Pillows

Black Legacy Pillow

Legend Lounge Pillow

If you have any questions regarding your Master Spa pillows, please give us a call at ((866) 367-6826. We have experienced technicians to help you with any questions you may have!