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Kristen the Spa Specialist

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    Types of Hot Tub Cover Lifters

    What Is a Hot Tub Cover Lifter? A hot tub cover lifter is a manual or automatic lifter that you install next to your hot tub to help remove and put on your hot tub cover with ease! Hot Tub Cover Lifter Types You might be asking yourself, “do I need a cover lifter?” The answer is yes! Cover lifters...

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    Master Spa Pillows

    Master Spa pillows add an elevated level of relaxation to your spa experience - they are critical for your comfort! Hot tub pillows typically last for only 4-6 years due to soaking in water and being exposed to the chemicals in your hot tub water. Therefore, it's important to know how to properly take care of them, clean them, and...

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    Fix for Green, Yellow, Brown Hot Tub Water

    How to Fix Green, Yellow, or Brown Hot Tub Water Hot Tub Water Colors Having a hot tub is such a rewarding experience, and it's so important to keep it clean, clear, and BLUE! This not only extends the life, but makes it a much more pleasant experience for YOU! Did you know your water can turn green, yellow, brown...

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