Green Hot Tub Water: Why It Happens and How To Fix

Everyone knows a beautiful hot tub has clear water that is piping hot, bubbling, and ready for those aching feet and muscles. It’s not smelly, or cloudy, or foamy, and it’s definitely not green in color.

So, if you open your hot tub cover and find the hue is anything less than crystal, there are a few reasons that could be happening. To maintain the best environment in a hot tub, many complex elements must be kept in balance: hardness, pH, alkalinity, temperature, etc. If any of these are out of order, your hot tub experience could be unpleasant.

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Use Test Strips to Test Your Chemical Balance

For tackling green spa water, first test the water with test strips to see where the total hardness, total chlorine or bromine, pH, alkalinity, and free chlorine levels are.

If you use a bromine system, make sure you’re testing for that, too. This is how you know what to adjust. Keeping these levels in appropriate ranges will help prevent unwanted effects like horrible smells, colors, scums, and more.

Once you’ve tested the water with test strips, you’ll know what adjustments you need to make to keep levels within the correct range.

Green and Slimy

If the water is green and the sides feel slimy, chances are you have algae in your water. Tackle algae with chlorine, shock, and cleaning the filter. We recommend to use SpaBoss X-lt if there are excessively hight levels of chlorine or bromine. Additionally, SpaBoss Shock will help to keep chlorine or bromine sanitizers working like they should, keeping organic matter and bacteria from building up.

Green and not slimy

If it’s green but the sides don’t feel slimy, it’s probably minerals such as copper or manganese present in the water and adding chlorine, shock, and cleaning the filter is also a good step to take in solving the problem.

High Usage

If you use the hot tub often, use a little more chlorine more often as frequent use can use up chlorine a little faster. Keep your filters clean and add appropriate shocks, sanitizers, and pH/Alkalinity increasers or decreasers as needed. Adding a stain and scale control solution and cleaning your filter more thoroughly with a cleaning agent will help prevent issues like this from popping up.

Last Resort: Drain the hot tub

If you’ve tried adding suggested chemicals to adjust the balance in your hot tub water and it’s still green in hue, it’s probably time to drain the whole thing, give the surface a good cleaning, and refill with fresh water. Draining and refilling is actually the solution for many hot tub issues if the levels get too out of whack. You’ll be able to enjoy a sparkling, refreshing, and healthy hot tub for many years by staying up to date with hot tub maintenance, and our customer service representatives are here to help.

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