Swim Spa FAQs

When deciding between a hot tub or swim spa, many questions may arise for a smart consumer. We all have questions of which is better, but honestly, they are both amazing pieces of equipment designed for you. But for now, we’d like to answer some of our frequently asked questions about swim spas:

What are some major differences between Swim Spas and Hot Tubs?

A hot tub includes many jets and a smaller shape for relaxing. The swim spa jets are very similar with a major difference. A swim spa will also create a current of water to push you. This way you may swim in place. In many cases, the swim spas length is elongated for a person to be able to lay flat comfortably and swing their arms as needed. Hence the name. A swim spa is a great choice if you cannot decide between a pool or a hot tub because the swim spa is both! The swim spa is designed to allow swimmers to freely move, but if you want to relax after the kids are asleep, you can relax the night away in it as well.

My swim spa looks very big, where can I put it?

Make sure you pick a great location, outside in many cases. Do you have privacy from neighbors? Is the area level? Remember you will need to be able to support a minimum load of 100 pounds per square foot. So a cement slab will usually do the trick. Make sure you have footers under your 4 inch slab that are a bit below the frost line. I highly recommend a deck or a cement slab for your new swim spa. It doesn’t hurt to have some open sky to look up at the stars!

Is a swim spa a cure all?

Luckily, the swim spa is proven to be very therapeutic when used correctly. Always consult a physician before deciding if you’d like to use it for rehabilitation of any kind. Swim spas can provide temporary relief from arthritis, joint, and muscle pain. Participating in the correct usage you can shed calories and lose weight. My favorite part is that I always feel stress free after. I can’t promise you will be stress free but relaxing in a swim spa can reduce stress.

Can I use my swim spa in the winter months?

Absolutely! You can use your swim spa, such as the Michael Phelps Swim Spa, during all four seasons. I would avoid swimming during a storm however. Swim spas are rated to handle very cold temperatures. If you do not want to use your swim spa in the winter remember to drain and clean your system prior to the first big freeze. I must admit, I always love being comfortable and warm while a light snow falls from the sky. Can you catch a snowflake on your tongue? Remember if you are relaxing in your swim spa to stay hydrated, hot water for long periods over a couple hours will dry out your skin. Ironic, no?

Have additional questions about swim spas? Be sure to call our customer service today at 920-727-1700 and we will help you with any questions you may have!