circle hot tub outsideSo, you’ve finally got your hot tub installed... or you are thinking of buying one real soon. After your initial costs of the purchase and clearing the land you want it on, there are numerous other costs that will spring up. This post will help you to be prepared and not surprised for what's to come in regards to the cost to maintain a hot tub.

Water and Heating

The two major components in your hot tub are obviously its biggest appeal, water and heat. Heat is generated by the heater in your hot tub and runs through the electric from your house. A typical 5.5 kW heater uses 5500 watts. Which is approximately using 92 60 Watt light bulbs. An average kW hour is approximately $.09. That’s about .50 cents an hour.

Remember, you will be changing your hot tubs water about 3 or 4 times a year. If you have a 500 gallon hot tub that will be 2,000 gallons a year. The average American will pay $.34 per gallon. That totals $680 per year for water. So do the math with your hot tubs gallon size if it differs from my example.

Chemicals and Accessories

The best chemicals to use total out in a very straight forward way. Easily you can expect to spend $10-$30 a month on chemicals. This varies based on frequency of use and whether or not you use the hot tub during winter months.

I recommend a relaxing fragrance when using your hot tub. These not only smell wonderful but make your skin feel soft. Typical prices for the recommended brands are between $8 and $20. The amount of fragrance you use is completely up to you.

Insurance, Maintenance, and Repairs

Always check with your insurance company about costs for insurance before you buy. Many carriers charge an additional $5 to $20 a month.

Replace your filters every 1 to 2 years based on use. Filters will last longer if you clean them out when you drain and refill your hot tub. These filters vary in price from $20 to $80 each. Make sure you get the correct filter or filters (Some hot tubs have multiple filters) for your hot tub.

Repairs are a case by case basis. Browse replacement parts to find out how much replacement parts cost for your specific hot tub. These costs to maintain a hot tub all build up over time so I recommend putting a little money aside each month, just in case.