Making sure you have the correct temperature is your spa is KEY.

The temperature of the water inside your hot tub is one of the main determinants of having a positive spa experience. If it's too hot, you won’t be able to step inside and would start dreading the spa; too cold and it will have absolutely no effect on your body and health.

Given the factors above, one can say that the temperature in your Master Spa tub is the one of the most important factors that decides whether you are experiencing hot tub therapy in the right way or not.


So, how hot should a hot tub be?

While the temperature in your spa depends on your personal preference, most people find the range of 100 degree F – 102 degree F most comfortable. Others who live in cooler regions of the world and/or can withstand higher heat can take it up to 104 degrees F.

Curious if you are someone who can withstand the temperature of your spa above 104 degrees F or not? While it's not recommended, if you decide to turn your spa to 104 or above, please know that at this temperature your skin can turn red, develop rashes, and worse case it can burn you. It is recommended that you DO NOT turn the temperature higher than 104 degrees F.

Smart hot tub accessories like the hot tub temperature and humidity monitor can help you keep track of the water's heat.

Maintaining a Comfortable Water Temperature

A question that often comes up is whether you should maintain the temperature of the water once set or if you can/should alter it afterwards. Many times, most hot tub owners consider lowering the temperature of their spa or hot tub in order to increase efficiency. However, lowering the temperature after some time of using the spa can cause extensive damage to the spa and contrary to what you may think, you will not be able to save any amount of energy or power. Moreover it can cause unnecessary stress on your spa circuit board.

Therefore, in cases other than you not using the hot tub for a long time, you should maintain the temperature of the spa once set.

Editors Note: Content was originally created in June, 2014 and has been updated as of October, 2016 to reflect current and updated spa maintenance tips.