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Purchasing a hot tub or spa? There might be a number of questions popping-up time to time in your head, when the time to purchase your prized possession is nearing.

Out of these, some questions or doubts could be about a hot tub or spa pump. For those who are not familiar or have not yet come across the term ‘spa pumps’, these are important spa or hot tub parts responsible for proper circulation of the water in the vessel. Spa pumps also give an extra boost to the spa jets.

While you will generally find a single pump in a hot tub or spa, there are a number of spas that have two pumps in them. One of these pumps will be for the purpose of circulation and the other will be for the jet mechanism.

Master Spa troubleshooting becomes simpler when you have the answers to the problems that generally arise with regard to a spa pump.

Ques: What if the spa pump is neither functioning nor making any noise?

Ans: In such a situation there are a few things that you must make a note of. The first thing that you should check is whether the indicator lights are on or off. In case the lights are off then it means that the Circuit Breaker might be experiencing a trip. Therefore, you will have to fix the trip. In case the spa pump does not work even then, you should check the system fuse in the spa panel. You must also check if any faulty switch is being used.

Ques: What to do in case the Spa Pump hums for a few seconds and then stops all of a sudden?

Ans: This means that the spa pump is actually not functioning. It simple creates a humming sound when you switch it on; thereafter the circuit breaker trips. The first thing that you therefore need to check is the capacitor on the motor. Also check the shaft to gauge the rotation. In case all this is fine, consider checking if something is stuck in the pump impeller. Checking the voltage that the spa pump receives will also help.

Though taking care of spa pump and related problems is simple, you must solicit help from a professional in case you really do not have any idea about the problem that you are facing because of the hot tub or Master Spa pump.