When you have a leak in your hot tub, you may experience some real pain especially if you don’t understand what exactly to look for and where to find it. Below are simple steps which will help you find the exact source of the leakage and how you can proceed on with the hot tub leak repair tasks without a lot of hassle. Before you start searching for leaks, you should ensure that power to the hot tub is disconnected. After you get inside the compartment of the appliance, hot tub leaks can easily be sourced to specific hot tub parts such as: the pump wet end seal, jet bodies, tubing and PVC plumbing parts and heater assembly manifold. Others are connections and gate and slice valves.

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Hot Tub Parts


This is the first thing which you will need to check while inside the equipment’s compartment. One of the leading causes of leakage is the seal of the pump. To solve this problem, you will need to replace it with a new seal. In most cases, you can be saved of a lot of trouble when you get the entire wet end replaced.


You will need to look at the union fittings in the heater and the pump. Even unions for brand new spas may become loose at times because of vibrations when being shipped.


You need to check the pressure switch, heater assembly and other elements of the heating unit and check if there is any leakage. If it's there, make sure you replace it.


The valves are a common source of leaks and you should check them. No matter the type of a valve, make sure you check it.

Connections and Jets

If after checking all the above you don’t find any leaks, proceed on and check all the pipes, connections and jets. Make sure they are tightened and resealed with good glue such as PVC glue.