How to Handle Milky Spa Water

It pretty much goes without saying that being a hot tub owner you will encounter cloudy, milky or foamy spa water sooner or later during the period you own a spa. Well! These are no grave issues and can be handled by using certain simple methods and a little attention. In this blog, let us discuss in detail that what is milky spa water, how it is caused and what you should do to put right such problems to make your spa water dazzling clean once again…

What is Milky hot tub water and what are its possible causes?

Milky spa water is the state of water where it essentially looks like milk, adding a white hue to the water, making it hard to see the bottom of the spa. Very much alike to cloudy water, there is no definite cause to this problem. The possible causes for this issue could be suspended insoluble particles, dead algae, organic debris, poor filtration (dirty filters), heavy usage or poor water chemistry. Again, it is difficult to identify the cause exactly.

Master Spa Filter

Master Spa Filter

What you need to do to fix the issue?

•    Without giving a second thought, your first action point would be checking your filter, which is done in most cases where clarity is an issue. If your filter fails to pick the minute particles, then this could be a matter of concern. Your hot tub filters probably need cleaning! Take the filters and rinse it thoroughly with running water or soak it overnight in a filter cleaner. In most cases rinsing the Master spa filter helps massively to fight the milky hot tub water.

•    The second step you need to take is to check your spa water balance levels. Ensure the accuracy of spa water pH levels and alter, if needed. Also, test the hot tub sanitizer level and make sure it is not too high or too low. High sanitizer levels can also make spa water look milky.

•    Shock the spa water… Well! Using a non-chlorine shock can definitely help as it can clean the spa water faster. Working along with your clean filter, the shock will clear all the particles and will give the desired results in most cases.

•    Okay! After doing all the hard work, if you think you have lost the battle, drain the hot tub and refill it with fresh water. Sometimes, this is the best solution, especially after heavy spa usage, maybe after a spa hot tub party!