Learning how to clean your hot tub jets has never been easier!

Spas and hot tubs require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure proper operation and a lengthy useful life. Cleaning spa jets can be quite a daunting task but it is important to it so that it can be used regularly.

Spa Parts

Although most spa parts are cleaned regularly, spa jets are often ignored. However, these jets can become soiled and dirt and minerals accumulate with prolonged usage. It is important to detach the parts and clean them thoroughly to ensure effective functioning.

How to Clean Spa Jets

  1. Remove the jet unit from the spa tub.
  2. Soak the jet units in vinegar and water overnight.
  3. Use a small brush to scrub the internal spa gears.
  4. Screw the jet units accurately back into place.

The first step involves the removal of the jet unit from the spa tub. It can be done quite easily by rotating the unit. However, if the jets have never been detached for cleaning purposes, removal can be difficult.

The next step involves soaking of the jet units in vinegar and water. The vinegar solution will help removed minerals that have deposited on the spa’s components. Once the jets have been removed, place them in a bucket filled with vinegar and water. Allow the jets to soak overnight.

A small brush can be used to scrub the internal gears of the spa, so that it is carefully cleaned off all types of debris and mineral accumulation. The thread of these jet parts needs to be brushed to clean off minerals and other debris. It is important to replace the hot tub jets if they are damaged or broken.

Finally, it is important to replace the jets accurately. The Master Spa owner’s manual includes various maintenance and care tips for your hot tubs and spas. The jet units can be screwed back into the original spaces carefully. It is important to avoid misalignment of the threads while screwing it back to its place in the tub.

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Editors Note: Content was originally created in February, 2013 and has been updated as of October, 2016 to reflect current and updated spa maintenance tips.