It's important to be aware if your hot tub has hard water!

Hot tub water should be gentle on your skin. However, because of the sanitizers that you need to use in the water and because of all the other chemicals put in the Master Spas hot tubs to keep them clean, the water inside can become "hard" water.

What exactly is hard water?

Hard water contains an extremely high concentration of minerals like calcium. When heating hard water, the minerals from it undergo a process and get scaled. When the spa gets filled with hard water, it can cause filter and spa part failure and/or cause the pipes inside to clog. Additionally, hard water is not just harmful for the body of your spa but also can affect your skin.

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What does hard water in a hot tub do to your skin?

The following are some ways in which hard water can damage your skin:

The minerals in the hard water stick to the skin and do not go away unless you wash and clean your skin with soap and soft water. Therefore, it is important to wash your face and moisturize it post taking a hot tub therapy if your tub has hard water in it. Eczema is other skin problem that can arise because of use of hard water.

How do I prevent hard water in my hot tub?

Though one cannot stop using sanitizers and other chemicals that are necessary for keeping the water inside clean and hygienic for use, one can take some preventive actions against the damage that they can cause to the tub and to their own skin.

1. Always take a bath after taking a hot tub session in water that is hard.

2. Drain your spa occasionally and cleaning the spa shell as well as other spa parts can help remove the mineral clogging or clinging.

3. Use chemicals such as Scale Control or other mineral sequestering agents to treat the hard water areas.

These are some simple things that you can do so to prevent extreme damage to your spa/hot tub as well as to your soft and sensitive skin.

Editors Note: Content was originally created in June, 2014 and has been updated as of October, 2016 to reflect current and updated spa maintenance tips