inside of a hot tub It could be said that the heater is the most important part of the whole hot tub or spa.

Sure, the jets are kind of a big deal, but without the heater a hot tub is just a very tiny pool. So if something happens that keeps your hot tub from getting hot water, you will need to troubleshoot the heater right away to get back to enjoying jets and hot water as nature intended.

Don’t be too quick blame your heater for failing to make your hot tub all it should be. There could be many possible causes for the failure to have hot water. Let’s go through them. It is important to note that fiddling with your hot tub electrical system, when the tub itself is full of water, could be a disaster. Make sure to unplug your hot tub from the power source before doing anything else to troubleshoot your heater.

Possible problems with your hot tub heater:

  • Hot tub not staying hot
  • Hot tub not heating
  • Water getting too hot
  • Heat fluctuating – often caused by an errant heat sensor that is due for replacement, though this symptom can also be cause by a clogged filter or faulty thermostat.

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check filter for debris. If the filter is clear and clean, it’s time to look at the heating element. If the filter is clear, check the rest of the plumbing to make sure the water is flowing freely through the whole system.
  2. Check the heating element. A common heater you will find is the such 4.0kW Hot Tub Heater Element as is a replacement part for selected models of the Down East Spas, Clarity Spas, Contractor Series, Getaway Spas, H2X Swim Spas, Healthy Living Series, Legacy Whirlpool, Legend Series Master Spas, Michael Phelps Swim Spas and Twilight Series Spas. If this isn't your heater, take a look at our heater product page for other replacement options
  3. Once a heating element goes bad, it usually needs to be replaced. If you don’t know how to turn off your hot tub, check with your manual or the manufacturer. Just like light bulbs can burn out with time, heating elements don’t last forever. Replacing them should be a simple task.
  4. If your hot tub is heated with gas, check the pilot light and if it’s gone out, follow the manufacturer’s steps to relight it.
  5. The thermostat may need to be recalibrated if the water is getting too hot or staying too cold. Usually a small Allen type screw is located on the thermostat and giving it a quarter turn can recalibrate the unit.
  6. Heat sensors can go bad like anything else, and if they are the cause of the issue they may need to be replaced.
  7. High limit switch may have tripped, especially if the hot tub was recently drained. Press the red reset button to reset the switch before reaching out to tech support.
  8. Make sure the temperature probe is properly in the right amount of water to accurately read the temperature, and that there is no build up in the thermal well.

These are the basic steps for troubleshooting pesky heating issues in your hot tub. Maintaining proper water chemistry and regularly cleaning your hot tub and the filter will help prevent problems from happening. If the problem persists after troubleshooting the hot tub heater, it might be time to call in the pros.