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Chemicals are essential to put in hot tubs to keep them clean and running smoothly (especially in this cold weather!) But because of the use of chemicals, we've gotten the question numerous times... "can hot tubs cause skin rashes? And if they do, how can we remedy?" Well, we're here to help answer that and prevent that from happening to you.

A hot tub is an amazing invention that gives its owner a luxurious spa experience right at home. Hot water and strong jets relax muscles and sooth the mind, but can hot tubs also cause skin rashes? If so, how can we fix this problem and prevent it?

The water in the hot tub itself doesn’t cause rashes at all, but bacteria that are allowed or able to grow in the water can cause skin issues and cause discomfort. By keeping up on your regular hot tub maintenance routine, you keep the chemistry in the water correctly balanced. Balanced chemistry keeps the water healthy and clean, which prevents dangerous bacteria from growing in the hot tub environment.

There are bacteria found in many common places around us such as one known as Pseudomonas aeruginosa. These particular bacteria are more likely to be found in wooden hot tubs than in other materials, but can be found in all kinds of other places in the world around us at all times. While this bacterium isn’t the only one that can be found in hot tubs, and hot tub rash isn’t the only result, they are very common in warm, wet, bubbly environments like hot tubs. Skin issues like hot tub rash are more likely for people who use a hot tub when they have cuts, abrasions, and other damage to skin and hair cells.

If you get an itchy rash on your skin after extended time in the hot tub, it might be a bit annoying, but do not fret. A pattern of red bumps, probably itchy, or possibly pus-filled blisters can develop around the hair follicles awhile after being in a hot tub. This is also called “hair folliculitis” or “hot tub rash.” The rash usually occurs around hair follicles anywhere on the body, but most often around areas in contact with clothing. Folliculitis can take different forms, some severe and some mild. While some forms may clear up on their own, some will need medical intervention to heal quickly. If in doubt, it’s best to consult your doctor right away.

If you are wondering about how to keep your hot tub perfectly balanced, clean, and free of bacteria that can cause skin irritations and issues, check out our Master Spa hot tub care guide .It is important to keep a close eye on pH and alkaline levels as well as chlorine or bromine levels to ensure that the water is healthy and not a good environment for any kind of bacteria to grow. Keep the shell and cover clean and follow the schedule for cleaning and replacing the hot tub filter.

Concerns about using a hot tub and the health of your skin are valid, so keep your water clean and balanced and don’t use the hot tub with open wounds. A little common sense will go a long way to keeping you healthy while you enjoy all the benefits of your hot tub.