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Master Spas Hot Tub Maintenance Schedule

chart of maintenance schedule for

Just as schedules and routines can be good to implement in your life, the same goes for the life of your spa and hot tub. We have outlined step-by-step when and what you should be doing for your spa throughout the days, weeks, and months of the year.

Frequency Maintenance Task
Each Use

Before Use: Check spa water with a test strip for sanitation levels and adjust accordingly

After Use: Add 1 tbsp. of non-chlorine shock (e.g. Spa Shock) per person

Once a Week
  1. Add 2 tbsp. of chlorine (e.g. Chlor-Aid) to spa per 250 gallons.
  2. Remove filters & hose them off with plain water. Run your finger through the pleats to remove any debris
  3. Test water using chemical test strip . Adjust alkalinity, pH and sanitizer accordingly
As Needed:

 If water looks hazy, treat with 1 tbsp. of chlorine (e.g. Chlor-Aid)

Every 90 Days:

Soak your filter elements overnight in a container with cartridge cleaner and then rinse with clean water before re-inserting. (Note: Eco Pur mineral element should never be cleaned in a filter cleaner. Just rinse with water.)

Every 180 Days:
  1. Drain and refill your spa.
  2. Replace with a new Eco Pur element, and repeat the start up procedure

Maintenance Schedule Tips

  • Every time you change the water, clean the underside of your cover with clean water
  • Always keep the vinyl spa cover clean and treat it with a cover treatment every 2-3 months.
  • Always leave your cover open for at least 10 minutes after adding chlorine to the spa water.
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