couple with sunglasses on in hot tub

Relaxing in a home hot tub at the end of a long day can feel rewarding, especially if you got a good deal on your home spa. While purchasing a brand-new hot tub is ideal, a used hot tub can be a rewarding purchase as long as you are careful and keep a few things in mind before purchasing one from an independent seller. Sometimes, purchasing a discounted item can be even more costly in the long-run if problems are discovered once the sale is done and the used hot tub is put to use. Whether you decide to purchase a hot tub from a reputable business or pick up a used one from someone else, there are several things to consider in order to make sure your purchase a successful one.

Before you start to look at used hot tubs, take the time to understand what will fit your needs best. Hot tubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so be sure to take plenty of measurements in order to make sure the used hot tub you look at will fit in the space you have set aside for it. In order to determine a hot tub size best for you, ask yourself how many people will be using it on a regular basis. If you entertain in the summer a lot or have a big family, then a more spacious unit may be desired. A home spa is an investment, so be sure to determine a budget. Understand what you are able to spend on a used-hot tub and stay within that price point.  Ask the third-party seller what their typical water and electrical bills usually run them in order to get a feel for costs. Take the time to do some calculations to figure out the costs of running a hot tub. Knowing the investment before you dive in will bring peace of mind and allow you to enjoy the home spa even more.

Once you have done some prep work, you are ready to go look at used hot tubs. Always be sure to look and inspect the product in person. It’s not recommended to buy a used hot tub, sight unseen. At first glance, a used hot tub may look fine, but be sure to examine it for any signs of issues such as wear and tear on lights, pumps, seals and the cover. Find out how the unit was winterized and stored during inclement weather. If possible, ask the seller for a service report from the company they purchased it from and see if the spa is under warranty. If so, find out if it is possible to transfer the warranty over to the new owner. If you are interested in purchasing a refurbished hot tub, find out the process the spa goes through once it’s traded in. Although you may be eager to have a hot tub installed in your home, resist the urge to make an impulse buy. Take the time to test models, shop around and consider all of the options to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Finally, once your used-hot tub is selected, prepare for installation. Make sure you check your electrical system and confirm that it is able to meet the requirements needed to power your home spa. The hot tub should be placed in an area that has a nice, solid foundation so find a spot in your home or backyard that will be ideal for the home spa to be placed. Once your hot tub is installed, be sure to keep it clean. Regular cleaning of the hoses, filters and water are necessary in order to keep your hot tub running properly. The Master Spa Parts selection of chemicals will help to keep your hot tub water crystal clear.