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Ben Bavinck

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    Can Hot Tubs Cause Skin Rashes?

    Chemicals are essential to put in hot tubs to keep them clean and running smoothly (especially in this cold weather!) But because of the use of chemicals, we've gotten the question numerous times... "can hot tubs cause skin rashes? And if they do, how can we remedy?" Well, we're here to help answer that and prevent that from happening to...

  2. Hot Tub Heater

    How to Troubleshoot Your Hot Tub Heater

    It could be said that the heater is the most important part of the whole hot tub or spa. Sure, the jets are kind of a big deal, but without the heater a hot tub is just a very tiny pool. So if something happens that keeps your hot tub from getting hot water, you will need to troubleshoot the...

  3. Master Spas Circuit Board

    How to Troubleshoot a Spa Circuit Board

    The circuit board of a spa or hot tub is an essential part of the electronic system that keeps the water hot and the jets bubbling. It is a bit like a “nerve center.” The circuit board is the part of the spa system that sends electronic messages to heat the water, turn on or turn off the pump, etc...

  4. portable electric drain pump

    110v vs. 220v Hot Tubs — Which is Better?

    More power is always better, right? If that was the case, do you think we’d have a whole article entitled “110V vs. 220V Hot Tubs — Which is Better?” Let’s clear the water on the mysteries surrounding 110-volt and 220-volt hot tubs so you can make an educated decision on which hot tub is the better option for your hot...

  5. hurricane

    How to Prep Your Hot Tub for a Hurricane

    When a hurricane is predicted to make landfall near your town (we're looking at you, Hurricane Florence) , your first thoughts are likely how to keep your home, family, friends, and neighbors safe. But, since your hot tub is one of the largest investments you will ever make, you should also consider being proactive in keeping your hot tub safe...

  6. H2X-Filter

    How to Clean Hot Tub Filters

    Hot Tub Filters Have Important Jobs A hot tub for personal use can be a fun and relaxing activity. While owning a hot tub is highly enjoyable, it also requires the proper maintenance to make sure it continues to run smoothly. Regular cleanings to certain parts of your hot tub is the key to ensuring your home oasis stays in...

  7. hot-tubs-e1497946241884

    The Real Cost to Maintain A Hot Tub

    So, you’ve finally got your hot tub installed... or you are thinking of buying one real soon. After your initial costs of the purchase and clearing the land you want it on, there are numerous other costs that will spring up. This post will help you to be prepared and not surprised for what's to come in regards to the...

  8. features-swimming

    Swim Spa FAQs

    When deciding between a hot tub or swim spa, many questions may arise for a smart consumer. We all have questions of which is better, but honestly, they are both amazing pieces of equipment designed for you. But for now, we'd like to answer some of our frequently asked questions about swim spas: What are some major differences between Swim...

  9. msp-21

    Reasons Why My Hot Tub Is Not Heating

    We all know that a hot tub is called a hot tub because it’s piping hot, not lukewarm or cold. That's why we love them. The name “spa” conjures up a steaming, bubbling refuge from the stress of daily life. So when the hot tub or spa isn’t getting hot enough or is downright cold, that’s a big problem. While...

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