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  1. Spa-Repair

    Reasons Why Hot Tubs Can Trip Breakers

    We love our hot tubs and spas, and we love it when they work perfectly every time. A well-maintained spa or hot tub has many moving parts, including a heater, blowers, pumps, filtration system, and electrical circuits among others. The electrical system runs all the others, so it can be frustrating when it stops working. If your hot tub trips...

  2. smelly-spa-solution-clothespins

    Reasons Why Your Hot Tub Water Smells Bad

    A smelly hot tub is actually more common than you think. Don’t be alarmed. Due to both the chemicals used and general upkeep, your hot tub smells, good and bad are common. Here, we will go over the reasons why your hot tub water smells with honest and easy solutions. With a bit of understanding, you should be back in...

  3. MasterSpaMaintenance

    How To Clean Your Hot Tub

    It's important to remember that spas and hot tubs require reasonable maintenance and cleaning! The joys of owning your own Master Spa hot tub can be endless. From those quick therapeutic treatments for aches and pains to the relaxing afternoons soothing your day away, a hot tub is a great investment. Still, there is no getting around the fact that...

  4. spa-cover

    6 Step Process to Starting Up Your Master Spa

    Best practices to start up a Master Spa in six steps Starting up your Master Spa may seem like a simple task, but there are some important items to keep in mind to keep your spa sparkling all year round - right from the get go. We’ve outlined a simple six-step process to starting up your Master Spa below. Keep...

  5. 578_SpaTotalTubGroup

    How to Clean Your Spa Jets

    Learning how to clean your hot tub jets has never been easier! Spas and hot tubs require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure proper operation and a lengthy useful life. Cleaning spa jets can be quite a daunting task but it is important to it so that it can be used regularly. Although most spa parts are cleaned regularly, spa...

  6. Spa-Repair

    Spa Leak Repairs Made Simple

    Easily identify which of your hot tub parts are leaking and learn how to fix them! There are various areas in your spa hot tub that might experience leaking. It can be tough to find the source of leakage, but things can be simplified if you know where to start. There are many different parts in your spa that may...

  7. msp-11

    Understanding Hard Water Damage and How to Prevent It

    It's important to be aware if your hot tub has hard water! Hot tub water should be gentle on your skin. However, because of the sanitizers that you need to use in the water and because of all the other chemicals put in the Master Spas hot tubs to keep them clean, the water inside can become "hard" water. What...

  8. msp-21

    What Temperature is Too Hot for My Hot Tub

    Making sure you have the correct temperature is your spa is KEY. The temperature of the water inside your hot tub is one of the main determinants of having a positive spa experience. If it's too hot, you won’t be able to step inside and would start dreading the spa; too cold and it will have absolutely no effect on...

  9. j300_1fbu0028

    Simple Answers to Spa Pump Problems

    Purchasing a hot tub or spa? There might be a number of questions popping-up time to time in your head, when the time to purchase your prized possession is nearing. Out of these, some questions or doubts could be about a hot tub or spa pump. For those who are not familiar or have not yet come across the term ‘spa pumps’, these are important spa or hot tub parts responsible for proper circulation of the water in the vessel. Spa pumps also give an extra boost to the spa jets. Continue reading →

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