What You Need to Know About Hot Tub Filters

Your spa’s filter is very, very important. Let us tell you why…

 Your hot tub’s main function is to sooth you with clean, hot water. The jets pump strong streams of water and air through the plumbing system to relieve muscle pain and give you the best spa experience. The key to the clean water that pumps through these jets is the hot tub filter system.

Hot tub filters come in a variety of sizes and styles. It’s important to know how to maintain your filter to the best experience. The filter stops and traps contaminants from entering the plumbing system of your hot tub, so if your filter is old, worn out, or dirty, it means your hot tub will not be the clean, healthy environment it should be. If your hot tub filter is past its prime and worn out, it will not keep contaminants from clogging the plumbing and disturbing the chemical balance of the water. This leads to bacteria, excessive foam, bad smells, and other problems that can end up being expensive to fix.

Hot tub filters should be replaced annually as a good rule of thumb. You can consult your manufacturer for exact specifications of your hot tub filter. They should be taken out of the hot tub and cleaned weekly or monthly and every time you refill the water in the hot tub. Using a product like Leisure Time Filter Clean and appropriate hose attachments like the Filter Flosser, can make regular cleaning a breeze.

Most hot tub filters are made of folds of fibrous, cotton-like material that degrades over time and use. There are a couple different specific types of filters: Cartridge Filters, Diatomaceous Earth Filters, and Sand Filters being the most common major types.

Your hot tub may have one or more filter in the plumbing system. The brand and style of the hot tub you have will help you determine what kind of replacement filter you need. Some hot tubs have one simple filter while others, like swim spas, can have as many as seven different parts to the filter system.

A cartridge filter can be removed from the hot tub for regular cleaning and maintenance. It is often made of a fabric like material that sifts dirt and other contaminants as they are pushed through the plumbing system. Cleaning the filter keeps the material in good shape to catch particles as they pass through it. (This is what we offer at at MSP!)

A diatomaceous earth filter is made of petrified bones that are crushed to a powdery substance on grids of fine mesh. This mesh structure catches particles which are absorbed as the water passes through it. This kind of filter is more planet-friendly and organic than other varieties but is not as common.

Sand filters use sand to sift the bad stuff out of the spa water. You can’t use just any kind of sand, however; consult your manual or talk to your manufacturer if you have questions about what kind of sand to use in your sand filter.

Once you know what kind of filter to use, it’s important to keep up with regular maintenance. Make sure you follow proper steps to shut down your hot tub to remove the filter, and that you only use approved cleaning agents to purify the filter, no matter which type you have. A little regular attention to your hot tub filter will mean years of relaxation and luxury in your hot tub!