Why We Love Hot Tubs

At Master Spa Parts, we are passionate about providing you with top of the line hot tub replacement parts so that you can go back to enjoying your hot tub like nothing ever happened.
But do the people who work at Master Spa Parts enjoy hot tubs themselves? You bet we do ! Here is a snippet of what several of our employees have to say about why they are in love with hot tubs…
 “Hot tubs are relaxing at the end of the day!” Laura X.

“After a long day at work, I come home and jump into my hot tub to relax. It’s very therapeutic for my soul.”Sandy L.

“I love the quality time I get to spend with my wife at the end of the day in the hot tub.” -Mike

“Me and my kids can come together and enjoy our time with each other.” -Pat

“I love my hot tub because the jets massage my sore muscles after a hard workout (making them feel so much better), and the hot water helps me to relax after a long day!”Amanda M.


You see, at MSP, we are not just trying to sell you a part. We realize that hot tubs are an essential part of your life! Whether you bought it to entertain guests, entertain your family, provide you with a quiet escape after work or place for you to heal your body- we want to be able to support you in that goal.

So when we recommend a replacement part for your hot tub, you can rest easy knowing that because we want the best for ourselves and our families, we will only recommend the best.

And if you’re having a problem, you are welcome to call us seven days a week at (855) 308-2149. Each time, your call will be answered by a real person who wants the same things you do.