5 Reasons To Finally Buy That Hot Tub You’ve Been Eyeing!

So, are you ready to purchase a hot tub or perhaps still on the fence?
Well, let me give you five solid reasons you should pull the trigger and buy a brand new hot tub (in our humble opinion… and with facts to back it up!)

1. The relaxation in my opinion cannot be beaten. The multiple jets are there for your pleasure. Many are positioned perfectly and will massage away tension in tight muscles. The heat can be a temporary relief of aches and pains from arthritis, muscle pain, and joint aches. I just love staring up at the stars on a cold night while toasty warm inside.

2. Room for all! The spa of your dreams can seat as many people as you decide. Many spas will seat 4-6. But if you are really into entertaining try going for 8! I have enjoyed a beverage or two with friends and family in a hot tub, and I tell you now, the fun cannot be denied.

3. Do you have trouble sleeping? Sitting in the hot tub before bed can put you in the right frame of mind to fall straight to sleep. Insomnia is no match for the warming heat of your new hot tub. When you leave the hot tub your body will cool naturally causing you to feel tired if you go straight to bed. So get that eye mask on and sleep tight!

4. Steam, wow I can breathe again! Self explanatory really. The hot water will open sinuses and airways. Take a deep breath and break up whatever may be the problem.

5. Health and wellness. Just like a fever your head creates to break a cold, the hot tub’s hot water mimics this technique. The strong heat can help the body naturally fight infections. Hop in and enjoy the new, less sick, person you’ve become by using the hot tub regularly!

If these reasons don’t convince you, feel free to give our customer service a call with any additional questions you may have to make an informed decision! We promise you won’t regret it.