5 Highly Effective Hot Tub Energy Conservation Tips

There is a common characteristic in all master spa hot tubs-they heat water up to a certain temperature and maintain it at that level using a flow through the heater. The hot tub heater is what consumes most huge electricity than other components of the tub and can be compared to kettle on matters relating to electricity consumption. It’s thus imperative that you help minimize costs by conserving as much heat as possible.

1#. Hot Tub Covers

To conserve the highest amount of heat, having your hot tub in good condition is the best way to go. Any damage to it, even the slightest could have a huge impact of conserving energy massively. The cover has an insulation form which when it’s damaged paves way for loss of heat. Also, torn vinyl can make it easier for a lot of heat to be lost.

Hot Tubs Heater

2#. Windbreaks

Windbreaks are very simple yet highly effective in their operation. The panels of hot tubs don’t lose heat as fast as a damaged cover, but it always helps having it in good condition. A hot tub windbreak, in its good condition assists in conserving heat and energy. Moreover, there are specific hot tub gazebos that help in conserving heat more effectively.

3#. Control Settings

There are certain times when hot tub owners set it into an economical mode without intending. While this is a mistake in most cases, it can always help to conserve energy and save money. It helps when you program it in a way that saves energy when it’s not heating and alternating it with a mode that offers higher temperature. The lower mode will help save energy used.

4#. LED Lights, Air Jets, and Air Blowers

These features help to make your hot tub attractive, but when they are left on when it’s not in use, it could consume more power.

5#. Cartridge Filters

When filters are worn out or clogged, air circulation reduces drastically. This also reduces the rate of efficiency of the heater. It’s imperative that you get the filters checked and cleaned regularly.