Improving Hot Tub Water Quality With Eco Pur Filters

Eco Pur Filters

Eco Pur Filters

Eco-Pur technology is based on natural mineral hot tub purification. While the hot tub filters are working, the Eco-Pur filter is not only removing debris, it is also removing harmful microscopic particles and contagions from your spa’s water that would otherwise be detrimental to your health. Using an Eco-Pur filter cuts down on the amount of harsh chemicals needed to keep spa water clean.  Less chlorine is better for the hot tub, the user, and the environment.

Using a Master Spa EcoPur filter greatly decreases the need to use harsh chemicals while sanitizing your water and removing debris by using a natural, mineral based purification system.  Rinsing your spa filter regularly, along with an approved cartridge cleaner, will keep your Master Spa filter working effectively.  Remember to replace your Master Spa filters in a timely manner to maintain optimal performance. When properly cared for, you can count on your Master Spa filter system to keep your water clean, clear and healthy.

Your hot tub is an indispensable tool in achieving a healthy lifestyle and by utilizing your Master spa filters and spa accessories to their maximum potential and efficiency; you will reap all the benefits of spa ownership.

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