Staying Safe with an Eco Pur Filter

Master Spa Eco Pur Filter

Soaking in a hot tub can be exceptionally relaxing.  After a hot tub session, you feel mellow, and free of physical and mental stresses. Whatever the motivation, a dip in the hot tub has become an inseparable part of millions of people’s routines. Lately, though, spa and hot tub manufacturers have become preoccupied with artistic designs and irrelevant technologies, forgetting to improve on necessary filtration and sanitation systems.  The results can be less than desirable to the hot tub users after purchasing a spa or hot tub that has an outdated and ineffective filtration system.

Did you know the hot-tub baths can be hazardous even for those who are healthy? A common syndrome called hot tub bather’s lung has been popping up. It results when the hot-tub water gets contaminated with microorganisms that become airborne. Symptoms may include cough, sneezing, weight loss, fever and fatigue.  Rashes may also occur when hot tub water is not properly sanitized. To avoid such situations, an advanced filtration system should be used, such as the master spa eco pur filter.

The master spa eco pur filter incorporates natural minerals to keep hot tub water sanitary and free of bacteria and other microorganisms.  This type of filtration is ideal because is a natural system, rather than strictly chemical.  The result is clean, clear water that is always ready for use.