What Temperature Should My Hot Tub Be

We love our hot tubs because they are piping hot and luxurious.

They help us relax, cast off the stress of the day, and enjoy time with friends and family. And we know they are safe, but can be dangerous if the hot tub temperature is too hot. So, what temperature should a hot tub be without hurting us?

Hot tubs and spas are generally enjoyable over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and below 104 degrees Fahrenheit. For most of us, having our bodies immersed in temperatures above 104 degrees for any length of time, much less the amount of time we like to spend in a hot tub, can cause serious health issues. A very common issue is hyperthermia, when the body overheats. Heat stroke and other issues can result from getting too hot, and it can be very dangerous for young children, some older people, and those with certain medical conditions.

Our normal body temperature is usually around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, with small fluctuations due to environment and activity. We enjoy soaking in hot tubs because the hot water helps our muscles relax, allowing us to move more easily and to release some of the tensions we tend to hold in our bodies from stressful days.
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About 100 degree Fahrenheit is hot enough for these benefits, though some people prefer it a little more piping hot. Pregnant women are advised to be very careful with hot tubs, keeping the water temperature no higher than 100 degrees and staying in for a just a few minutes. Children are so more sensitive to heat than most adults, so if your kids want to use the spa, set the temperature to 98 degrees or even lower and limit how long they stay in without a break. And adults with certain medical conditions may find that hot temperatures are dangerous with their medication, so a conversation with your doctor is always a good idea if you are in any doubt about the safe temperature for you or your family.