Using Spa Cover Lift to Protect Your Hot Tub Cover

It’s been a long day and you wish to take a soothing soak in your hot tub. The only thing coming between you and the water is that heavy spa cover. Most people have a hard time getting rid of the cumbersome covering and give up on a bath all-together due to the effort involved. The only way to make life easier is with a spa cover lift –affordable, easy to use, and excellent for protecting the spa from the elements, these lifters offer extra help that you might need.

Spa Cover Protection

Apart from eliminating back aches, a cover lifter can also extend the life of a cover. Making use of a lift increases tub protection by decreasing the wear and tear caused by continually dragging a cover on and off. With continuously tugging, scraping and pulling along the floor, the spa cover will not last too long.

Spa cover lifts

Spa cover lifts


Insulation provides a layer of heat retention during cold winter months, thus reducing the energy and time required to reheat the water. Lifters enhance an insulated spa cover’s capabilities.

No Water logging

In case a cover is old, chances are it is water logged and heavier than usual! Heavy covers are difficult to remove and can diminish in usefulness as the water might get inside the foam lining and permanently damage it. Ultimately, every in flexible foam spa cover will drench with moisture and become completely ineffective. A completely damaged cover is no good at insulating a spa and can in fact do more harm. Hence, it’s best to use a hot tub cover lifter to keep the spa cover off the water.

Easy to operate

This equipment allows a person to get rid of the spa cover easily and quickly and without the help of someone else.

A spa cover lift can make it almost effortless for the user to remove a spa cover. Some cover lifters even help in tucking the hot tub cover away in the rear end of the spa while you’re indulging in a hydrotherapy session. Built to work efficiently and smoothly, spa cover lifts can be bought for most spas, small or large, round or square.