Getting Rid Of The Algae In The Spa

Needless to say, maintaining your hot tub or spa is required for the sake of its durability. The best way to keep the water in your spa is to keep the acid and pH levels balanced. This is the only key to maintain the health of the water as well as those stepping inside the spa.

One of the reasons why a spa gets too dirty in too less time is excessive bather load. The organic waste in the tub gets it dirty. Scum starts forming early and the hot tub starts showing signs of clogging.

msp-3Moreover, when people don’t cover their spas, a lot of things like dead leaves, dust and dirt start falling on the surface of the water. Together, all these things lead to the formation of algae. These plants (yes algae are plants) need nutrients to grow. During the fall season, there are so many things that accidently fall into the spa water.   For example, the plant material and the pollens that find their way into the pool.

So, what should be the first step towards cleaning the hot tub? The first step is to keep or prevent algae from forming on the surface of the Master spa water is to keep it covered using a hot tub cover. The cover will prevent leaves and other things from falling inside the spa water.

Another preventive measure to top algae from growing inside the tubs is to take a shower before stepping inside the hot tub. This way, you will be washing away all the dirt and dust from your body before you enter the hot tub.

But what about those who are reading this article a bit too late? What to do when algae has already started to form in your hot tub? Now the only choice that you have is to clean the tub up. There are a number of chemical based sanitizers available in the market. Using these, you can simply clean the water in your hot tub off all the dirt and the dust, as well as the algae. Shock treatment using hot tub chemicals is particularly useful for breaking the organic waste that has accumulated inside the water. Therefore, for killing the algae breeding in it, this is one of the sure shot methods. Last but not the least, to keep the algae from filling the hot tub, maintain the pH levels of the water inside.

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