Your hot tub should be crystal clear when you want to use it, not full of water that is too cloudy to see through.

murkey water in a spa
Keeping up with regular testing of your water and maintaining the balance of the pH, alkalinity, hardness, and other important levels will help ensure that no matter when you want to use your spa, the water is ready for you.

If you have cloudy spa water, the first step is to test it with accurate test strips. Make sure the pH and alkalinity balance are within appropriate levels and then go from there. If you’ve been keeping up with your chemicals, there are a couple options. A daily shock is an excellent choice; choose the one that goes with your sanitizer system. Give it about an hour at least and then test again. If you have questions about which daily shock to pick, has a wide variety.

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If the cloudy spa water remains, and your hot tub water is more than a couple of months old, it’s time to try draining and refilling the spa. Giving the hot tub surface a good cleaning while it’s drained gets rid of algae, contaminants, debris, and other foreign substances that enter the hot tub when people are enjoying it.

If the water is cloudy and foamy or bubbly, more could be going on there. It could be shampoos, lotions, perfumes, and other chemicals and contaminants that can get into the water through normal use. Rinsing off bodies and swimsuits before getting in will help prevent cloudiness day to day.

Normal hot tub maintenance involves regularly adding chemicals to keep the water clean and healthy. With time, all these chemicals can make the water appear cloudy. That is why regularly draining and refilling your hot tub is a crucial step to keeping your hot tub fun for many years.

To make a long story short, cloudy water is a bummer if you want to use your hot tub any old time you need to relax. Prevent it by staying up to date with the maintenance of the chemical levels and fix it by testing the water and adding a shock. When in doubt, drain and refill that hot tub with new, fresh water.