Hot tubs can be finicky, and you have to be sure to provide maintenance often in order to keep it clean and in working order.

One common issue we see with hot tubs is that they can become foamy due to a few different elements. And were here to break it down for you so you know exactly why this is happening to you! We've put together a few reasons below why this could be happening in your Master Spa, and how to remedy the situation! Additionally, please note that we have many products that can and will help keep your hot tub sparkling and clear going forward.

If you notice foaming while you are enjoying your hot tub, one or more of these issues could be causing it...

1.Laundry detergents from swim suits or clothes. While laundry detergent is necessary to use on your clothes and keeps them clean and smelling great, unfortunately the detergent comes out of your clothing when in hot tubs. And because the hot tub doesn’t drain like your bathtub, these outside elements often cause excessive foaming. One solution for this is to hand-wash or rinse your swimsuit after use in your hot tub, instead of throwing it in the laundry. This will help ensure none of the detergent seeps into the water! 2.Deodorants, lotions, shampoos, perfumes, and other cosmetics can also leave a residue in the water that may make your hot tub foamy. One quick fix is to rinse off in the shower before going in your hot tub (same concept as rinsing the detergent out of your suit first). Or, you can help avoid this by not using these kinds of items in general before you are plan to use your Master Spa. 3.Spilling drinks or food in your hot tub. While this is always accidental, different food and beverages can cause unfortunate foaming, not to mention other potential problems. If you are going to have food/drink in your hot tub, it’s a good idea to use lids and to always use plastic drink ware. This will help your spa and help to avoid any potential injuries! 4.Cheap chemicals! Often times if you buy cheap chemicals they can contain unnecessary additional fillers that make hot tub water really foamy. Typically, buying cheap products from a general store instead from a trustworthy hot tub source (like, hint hint, Master Spa Parts) or simply using an excessive amount of chemicals in general can cause unwanted suds! A high level of total dissolved solids (TDS), the combined content of inorganic and organic substances in the water, causes foaminess if not treated with something like, lets say, SpaBoss. OK, so lets now talk about how to fix this situation. No matter which of these causes above is making your hot tub foamy, the best solution is to follow Master Spa instructions for maintenance and cleaning of your hot tub and filter, and to use a small amount of SpaBoss Defoamer as instructed. This product can help reduce or remove foam in your spa! To prevent foaminess from happening in the first place, follow Master Spa hot tub cleaning and maintenance directions. It’s recommended to drain and refill your spa every two to three months, and to replace the filter at least once a year. If you see foam in your hot tub, it is not harmful to yourself or your spa and there are easy ways to treat it and keep it from returning. Now it's time to enjoy your Master Spa hot tub foam free for many years to come!
This article was originally written in November, 2016 and was updated in March, 2019.