How to Start Up your Master Spa in Six Steps

Starting up a Master Spa

How to Start Up Your Master Spa in Six Steps
Starting up your Master Spa may seem like a simple task, but there are some important best practices you can implement to ensure your spa will be sparkling all year round—right from the startup.

We’ve outlined a simple six-step process to starting up your Master Spa below. Keep these startup tips and guidelines in mind whenever you prep your spa for a fresh new soak! And as always, feel free to call our Customer Service team at (855) 308-2149 if you have any questions.

Six Steps to Starting Up a Master Spa

Step 1: Fill your Master spa with hard water. Never use more than 50% softened water to fill up your spa, and consider using a pre-filter—it’ll make it much easier to adjust your water balance!

Step 2: During the initial fill, add SpaBoss Prevent II (or another sequestering agent). This will eliminate staining and scaling caused by dissolved metals and minerals in the water. Let the water circulate and filter until its temperature reaches 80 degrees before adding any other chemicals.

Step 3: Check the hardness levels. The ideal range is between 150-250 PPM (parts per million). If you are not within range, add SpaBoss Cal-Rise to increase the hardness level.

Step 4: Check the alkalinity levels. The total alkalinity should be between 80-150 PPM. Add SpaBoss pH Minus to lower the level, or SpaBoss Alka-Rise to increase the level.

Step 5: Test the pH levels. The pH should fall between 7.2-7.8 PPM. If the pH is low, add SpaBoss pH Plus. If the pH is high, add SpaBoss pH Minus. (Note: If you use SpaBoss pH Minus, it will also lower your alkalinity, so be sure to re-check alkalinity levels after you use it.)

Step 6: After all other levels are properly adjusted, add SpaBoss Chlor-Aid to sanitize the water. Master Spa recommends adding 2 tbsp. of per 500 gallons. Do not enter the spa until your chorine levels are below 5PPM.

Still have questions about how to start up your Master Spa? You can call our Master Spa Parts Customer Service Team seven days a week at (855) 308-2149. We are happy to help!


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